Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cold as .....!!

Today is the official 1st day of winter but I can tell you it came 3 days ago!

All weekend we had temperatures at -15°C (3°F).....we never get that cold !
My shivers were shivering !!
Even the dog thought twice about going out...but he has a fur coat so he convinced himself...I on the other hand, froze my butt off!!!If these temperatures keep up I am going to let the dog pee in the house! We have tile flooring...I don't care...pity that he won't do it...that means I am going to have to bundle up like an Eskimo and hit the woods again....darn winter and today is only the first day...burrrrr!!
I want to move to Australia...they have summer now! (and all the great quilting magazines & shops! :-))

On a positive snowed again which means we just may have a White Christmas!

Hugs buttless,

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  1. Hello
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