Monday, December 14, 2009

I don't just eat cookies!

I don't want you thinking all I do is eat cookies...I do sew to!
Every once in a while, I put down the cookie and pick up the needle!
OK...I eat the cookie up before I pick up the one puts a cookie down to rest !

I have been busy sewing some little gifts for Christmas but I can't show you them till after Christmas (the recipients read this least thats what they tell me )..

I can show you the WIPS (Works in Slow Process) I am working on.

A few weeks ago I started stitching my Winter Wonderland blocks. I know there is NO way I will have it done by Christmas ( even if elves came and worked through the night it wouldn't get done in time) I just wanted to work on something Red, easy and know the feeling but I have to admit this middle block is hard to handle since it is soooo long, so I would put it down and work on the smaller ones.

Actually, I just wanted to make this one block and frame it but my Hubby saw the pattern and said...get ready for this one..." WOW I like that...will it be finished for Christmas??"
I told him.." of course"...I just didn't tell him which year!
So it is my Hubbys fault that I have to make all the blocks.....wait till he finds out I have no red & white fabrics and I have to start collecting them too! I will remind him it was his idea :-)

These are two of the little blocks I also got you can see I am great at starting things (actually I had to order floss so it is not all my fault ;-)

I have been trying to finish my Winter pillow but for some reason I keep getting dragged into working on my Winter wonderland quilt.
You know that feeling...where you should be working on one project but you just can't get the feeling for it and another calls your name. Thats how we get so many WISP's!
I think life is two short.... so we should work on the projects we want to ...not have to.
Eventually they will get done too! ( or at least I hope so !?)

I could say the same about is too little cookies can't hurt ??!!
I wonder if I will still feel that way after the holidays when my pants are to tight.
Ahhh, heck! Its only one little cookie...OK two little cookies (per hour! LOL)



  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    I just love reading your blog.
    I just ate a cookie too, I mean two, well really I mean a few!!!! Mmmmmmmmm good too those few.

  2. and yes, i really do read you blog !



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