Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Holidays is officially over!

I know the holidays have been over for a while but in our house it is REALLY over...the decorations are finally packed away!!
We took the tree down over the weekend but it has taken me a few days to pack up all the other stuff.
Who the heck put all these decorations up ??
Next year I am only unpacking half this stuff! (Ya, I say that every year)

Good-bye Santas, snowmen, holly, garland, reindeers, shiny balls and everything else that makes Christmas special.
See you in 314 days!

Here are some of the packed boxes.
My Hubby already brought 8 upstairs and 4 more will have to wait to be packed till the snow melts outside (they are for the outdoor decorations)
I bet some of you have even more !

It seems that every year the number grows.
My Hubby asked if there was anything we could throw out ....silly man...I can't throw away Christmas decorations...that would be like asking me to get right of some of my fabrics...FAT Chance!!!!

Part of me is relieved to have all the Christmas stuff gone but the other half of me is sad. The house always looks soooooo depressing after everything is packed away.
No red, no green, no gold, no shiny things...just plain old house!
Now I know why people get so depressed after the color!
Maybe I should paint a wall red ???
Maybe it is better if I just go to my sewing room and play with my fabrics...all the colors are there that I need to life my spirit and beside it makes less of a mess then painting walls.

Does anyone else find their home "colorless" after the holidays or is it just me??
Maybe I need to buy a new couch or carpet...that would help ...or .....I could order some fabric... now that would really cheer me right up!
Off to surf the shops !



  1. Hello Liz, WOW you certainly has heaps of Christmas decorations. I thought I had allot but I can say you have out done MOI!! vbg I notice your Fire place/stove. I love it.

    How goes learning your new computer??? I just posted my first blog post using it and Windows 7 is sooooooooooooo different than I am use to. But I know eventually I will like it allot. Hugs Judy

  2. I agree Liz, the house does seem empty without the glitzy decor. I do think it's time for a new quilt. But, I was thinking about doing the FILM STRIP quilt with gray, lol. I know, how's that for color? But I can't seem to stop thinking about that pattern. I think I saw it on crazymomquilts. I also want to do a Christmas quilt JUST FOR ME. Have you seen
    check out her Christmas cameo, it's for me! Have a great day, go quilt something, Elaine

  3. Liz, I get depressed packing up all the Christmas at my house as well.. It feels so empty. But how would you and dear hubby pack away 9 Christmas trees and over 70 that's right 70 containers, boxes and bags full of Christmas. OK OK I go over board for Christmas then I don't decorate for any other time (except maybe a table runner).. 73 to be exact. plus the 3 big wooden reindeers and 3 animated ones.The grand total

  4. Liz... I took find the house "empty" after Christmas.... there's just something about Christmas... even if there are no decorations up, just some cards, it still feels empty when you put the cards away... so, I guess you got your answer about some people having more boxes than you.... Susan has you beat by a mile, LOL! Hugs.

  5. Hi Liz: Oh boy, I said just the same thing, my house looks so bare now, but I think it was overdone for Christmas. I used to have a bigger house and now I still put up all the decorations I have for the bigger house in my now smaller house so it is really full. You sure have alot more than I do though, must take you awhile to decorate!!!! I love the photo of you and your sis on the pony. When I was young a man came door to door with a pony and took a photo of me and my three sisters. Is that how you had yours taken. I think your sister will be really happy with the nice gift you made, I love the little bear. Take care, hugs, Lola