Friday, January 22, 2010

How NOT to sew a purse!

Have you ever started a project and have it take on a life of it's own??
Well that happened to me this week.
I wanted to sew a purse…at least go through the actions …pick out the pattern, the fabrics and then of course get side tracked by something else.
That is exactly what happened!

I looked into my fabric cupboards for the the perfect fabric to make this purse. I knew this would be a hard decision…which color, which style??
As I opened the cupboard door some fabrics fell on my foot ( …good thing they are light and fluffy or I could of gotten hurt!)
All of a sudden the idea of making a purse had left me and the “cleaning / organizing devil “ took over!
I didn’t want to clean my cupboards…I wanted to sew but once I took out a pile of fabric to stack them up like good little soldiers, other pile came out and another…..before I knew it I was elbow deep in fabrics.

This turned out not to be such a bad idea after all…I found lovely fabrics I had forgotten about.

Or the fabrics that were bought for a special project that still hasn’t been started (come on…we all have those!)

Or the ones …just because they were pretty and talked to me ( they said take me home and Ohhhhhh & ahhhh over me!)

I still haven’t decide which color to make my purse but my cupboard is all nice and neat!

Even the drawers are organized by topic…Halloween, Christmas,Sewing, Animals & Flowers
Doesn't seeing this just make you not want to sew and mess it all up ?

Actually it made me realizes I need some fabrics…I don’t have many red & white ones or my Winter wonderland quilt ……ummm, something to add to my shopping list :-)

Guess I have to organize the other cupboards or else I will never sew this purse….I just can't do half a job, now can I ???
Yes, I am anal!
I like to call myself…” overly-organized” …it sounds nicer then anal!


  1. good on you girl! Now back to that bag, what fabrics have you chosen then..... all work and no play - you know the rest!

  2. Oh, all your fabrics look so yummy! I wouldn't want to sew either and ruin the look... such eye candy the way they are, VBG! Isn't that the way though... we think we have all the colours but when you take a real good look, it seems we just have nothing that matches or that we is just the right shade for what we need. LOL! Hugs.

  3. Well, with a smile on my face I was reading this post. The above described situation is so familiar to me. We always find a good excuse to buy new fabrics....and even if this excuse is just a little reward for the reorganization of cupboards and drawers ;-) !!
    Enjoy the good look of your so nicely presented fabrics!

  4. Please come to my house and clean my fabric closet.. it has gotten out of control

  5. I like anyone, and I do mean that, with their own little addiction to fabric, and to keeping things tidy! How grand it looks! So glad I stopped by.

  6. Hello Liz, Your very organzied fabric cupboard are fantasticn looking. Love the new fabrics you have bought. I plan to organized my fabric soon. I can barely stand to look at the mess right now. LOL Hugs Judy



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