Monday, January 11, 2010

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty

I had promised to show you some pictures of the shadow box my dear friend Julia made for me for Christmas.

Get ready to be jealous…you are going to LOVE this!

The gift arrived all packaged up in old book pages with numbers on it so I would know which order to open it.There were 13 packages and since Julia knows I am superstitous she numbered 2 packages “6a” & 6b”…isn't she funny!

After opening the packages gently (I didn't want to destroy the pretty papers) ...normally I am a "rip" it open kind of gal...I found all these goodies.

There was a square case and a little shelf I had to are the goodies on the top half of the shelf. Isn't the spool holder adorable! She even made a tiny book for all my WISP. I don't know how she made that tiny pincushion...I can bearly hold it.And more goodies on the bottom half. I do have a wicker basket in my sewing room for scraps but it doesn't look as pretty as this one and my fabrics aren't so neatly stacked (time to clean the cupboards!)

All put together it looks like this.....

Isn't that the prettiest thing you have ever seen???

I totally LOVE it!!!

I wish my sewing room looked like that......maybe I need to paint the walls, buy some new fabrics and just sit back and drool!

The whole case is about 25cm square (10")

So that you can see how tiny the items are I photgraphed them with a Cent (penny) piece ... she made most of them herself. The tiny spool holder is 2.5cm high (1") The ribbon bolts are also 2,5cm high (1") and the floss bobbins are .8cm (1/4") .....crazy! I can barely hold them...I don't know how she made them...she must have the patience of a Saint or she really loves me !! :-)

Thank you Julia for the perfect little Sewing Studio!!

Now can you come over and do that to my real room ???

Big hugs,


  1. She MUST dearly love you - WOW, compliments to Julia, and Liz, I AM JEALOUS! Seriously !!

  2. How cute is that ?!?
    You are so right, she realy realy loves you.
    I thought your studio is clean and tidy after you put everything in your DIY-Ikea-drawer.
    I 'stole' that idea from you but there are still a few empty boxes.
    Hugs Katja

  3. doing such tiny little things and having this wonderful ideas only Julia can do for best friends :-)

    hugs Silke

  4. OMG! That is adorable... wish my sewing room looked like that too, VBG! Hugs.

  5. You are very welcome, sweetie :)! I had a lot of fun making the tiny notions but when it came to wind the floss bobbins I thought my fingers were too large to do that. But since I do love you, girlfriend, I exercised patience to get it done. I'm glad you love your little sewing room :).


  6. Being a dollshouse enthusiast myself I love your little studio.My compliments for Julia!
    Hugs WILMA

  7. Good Day Liz, First I want to congratulate you on quiting smoking. I have never smoked but I know it must be terribly difficult for you. Hang in there you can do it. Next the gift from Julie is sooooooooooooo lovely. Very very nice indeed. Lucky you. Hugs Judy

  8. OMG! You are the AWESOME FRIEND who got this BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL GIFT? I am GREEN with envy. When Julia posted it the other day - I was so transfixed by her work I guess I didn't bother to see who actually got it! MY GOSH! this is truly a work of art. You have had to be one extremely HAPPY Girl! The attention to detail is just outstanding.
    You lucky duck you!
    HAGD! Karen



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