Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some Giveaways

Even in my "Psycho" moods I managed to come across some Giveaways
( I know how we all love them :-)

Elain at Soggy Bottom Flats is celebrating her 100th post and you know what that means...a Giveaway!! To enter all you have to do is tell her why you should win. We all know why I should win...because I have had a week from hell! LOL
If you have a better reason ...pop over and enter!

Jenny at Jenny of Elefantz has launched her new BOM "Bouquet " and is giving away a book in celebration. No need entering that giveaway...I am going to win is alllll mine !! LOL can enter her giveaway too! ;-)

I want to thank everyone for your sweet words of encouragemnet on my "battle with the devil".
It made me feel better to know that so many of you also fought him in the past and managed to win...there is hope for me still!

P.S: If you were reading my Blog and crazy things kept happening it was just me playing around with new backgrounds...I still haven't decided if I like this one but I am to tired to look at any more today. Off to bed with me .

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