Friday, February 26, 2010


It seems that since I have been sick all week ( migraines) the world has gone on without me and a lot of my favorite blogs are having Giveaways!

Don't you just love Giveaways ?? 
I Do!
Even if I don’t win anything it is nice to have that hope that I will . As they say…Hope dies last!

On the date the prize is given away…I turn on my computer…click on the Blog link and cross my fingers …I speed read the blog post to where the name is listed in hope I will see my name.
When I don’t see my name… I sigh…a big sigh!! and then go back to the top and read the post again. I click on the name of the person that did win (got to see who the lucky winner was) of course I check out their blog and somehow I end up on another new blog and another and my moment of disappointment of not winning is gone. Instead I have found a couple new blogs that inspired me or made me laugh. 
Aren’t Giveaways great!
Even if you don’t win the prize you win!

Here are some Giveaways that have great prizes…go enter and share that hope of winning with me :-)

Freebie for Crafters is having a 500 Follower giveaway.
You get to pick which 4 FQ you would like….I already have my 4 picked…a girl has to be prepared!


Heather at A Cherished Life has lost her mind and is giving away a basket filled with 20 FQ! You definitely have to enter this one but hurry, the drawing is February 28th!


Jandi at Jandi in Stitches is having a Blog moving giveaway.
Check out the great prizes…she can move every week if she likes and I would follow her.


I had one more giveaway for you but I can’t find it now. That's what happens when you take a pee break and then don’t pay attention to which windows you close.
Darn …it was a really pretty quilt made with wild pink fabrics. If anyone sees it…let me know.

That's it for now…my belly is growling…time for  a lunch break! 

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to blog about my giveaway. Good luck!