Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Sewing Party… continued…

Remember all those projects I though I would work on …well, as you know…the best of plans get changed.

I did manage to coffee dye & iron my fabric 001

…have I mentioned how much I hate ironing fabrics! Especially cotton…I can never get all the wrinkles out. I guess wrinkles add character to a quilt!

As I was ironing my fabric I was looking out the window…the birds where singing, the sun was shining ( a rarity) and it hit me, that I should finish the purse I started…it looks springy and would fit better to this party then preparing my stitcheries.

DaDa…I finished it!!!
spring purse
…the fabric is the color of the inside…I don’t know why photographing it outside made the green fabric look so pale…it is a bright spring green!

The inside even has pockets…am I good or what ! LOL
After finishing it I did reward myself with a coffee break…..I needed an energy boost! All that quilting sucked the life out of me!
035After my coffee break was over …Max started to bug me that he had to go out.
I would of let him cross his legs a little long but how can you resist a face like that ??
what a face

…..out for a walk we went.

As we where out walking I thought of another project I could work on that is really Springy…but you will have to check in later or tomorrow to see what it is…trust me…it is super cute!!

Now I am going to check a few Blogs…to see what you are working on and then back to my work table.


  1. Liz... your purse is delicious... and so is your dessert... and what can I say about Max, but... my girls are drooling! Looking forward to seeing what else your working on. Hugs.

  2. Great bag. I agree very Springy.

  3. Great job, spring can come now! The cake looks yummy (please say "hi" to the baker ;-)).
    I'm curious what you'll come up with today.

  4. The bag is realy realy lovely.Love the colours so much.

  5. Very pretty bag! I love making purses.

  6. Ah, who can refuse a face looking at you like that? What an absolute adorable little guy.

    Love your bag and love the good looking food too...LOL

  7. Lovely bag Liz and Max still looks adorable!
    LG Wilma

  8. Wow! what a beautiful bag! I am so glad you were able to come to the party.
    Happy sewing!

  9. Lovely purse. Have you tried using Best Press on your cotton fabric? I usually don't have any trouble getting the wrinkles out ;-)

  10. That is a beautiful bag Liz. Lovely colours and the little tissue holder is a nice touch.
    The pictures of your baking made me hungry and I would love to join you for coffee but wait - maybe you have snow in Germany?
    I will leave it until the weather warms up!



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