Thursday, March 11, 2010

All that glitters…..

isn’t gold…sometimes it is better!

Check out these lovely glittering flosses my sister sent me….Thanks SIS !! IMG_2692IMG_2691

Aren’t they just super pretty!
I wish you could see how they glitter & shimmer.

I can’t wait to try these out …what should I make ??
Ahh, again decisions!

One decision I did make today was to bake some muffins. We had bananas that were overripe (super overripe) so I figured I would be the good housewife and turn them into muffins instead of tossing them ( hate to waste food).,
In the frig I also had a jar of sour cherries that needed to be used up so I made more muffins……I am just a baking fool today.

If you have nothing to do …pop over I’ll put the coffee or tea on…the Cherry-Chocolate muffins are really good…haven’t tried the banana ones yet but once I get back from my walk with Max I will.
Hope to see ya then!

After posting, I came across a Giveaway that is appropriate....Look what Marie at Spun by Me is giving away...sparkly glitter!
Now you know this has my name on it! LOL


  1. I guess my giveaway is the perfect compliment to this post! Thank you for mentioning it.
    And, yes, I would love to pop over for tea and one (or two) of those yummy muffins!

  2. Mmmmm! The muffins look delicious! Love the threads too.... I have quite a few of them in different colours and they do indeed sparkle! Hugs.



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