Monday, March 29, 2010

It finally came….

A while ago I asked my Sister to look for some DMC #99 Variegated pink floss since I couldn’t find it here.
I never did mention that it probably is discontinued and she might not find it.
I thought you girls have EVERYTHING in Canada & the US! We only have good Schnitzel & Beer in Germany (OK, a few other things but that is not what this post is about)

So my poor little sister went to all the craft stores looking for the floss …isn’t she a nice sister?! (since she doesn’t sew, this was not exactly a fun task for her…not like it would be for you & me!)
She looked high & low and no floss to be found but she did pick me up other pink variegated floss. After all the running around she couldn’t admit defeat so she had to buy something…I know that feeling.
Not all the flosses are variegated…some are super shiny & silky…very pretty.

On one of her shopping trips she found this mug & napkins and knew right away they were for me!
Aren’t they just to funny??
I love it !
After all, I do think of myself as the “Queen” !!!
I just have to convince others of it!
Check out the inside of the mug…it is pink!
How perfect!!!
I am amazed that the mug made it in one piece but it was wrapped with 2 pairs of mittens ( one for my Hubby …the King…at least I let him think so)
My Sister thought the package would arrive during the Olympics so she had to included these…..
Canada mittens ….aren’t these just to cool!
I have my own pair of Canadian Olympic mittens!

They didn't arrive in time for me to annoy everyone by wearing them and saying “who’s number 1” but I love them anyways. It is nice to have a memento of the year Canada rocked the Olympics!! (sorry but once in a while a girl just has to brag…after all, I am the Queen and I can do as I wish!)


  1. Lovely presents. I think #99 has been discontinued but if I find some in Australia/NZ I'll let you know.

  2. Perhaps I'll find it overhere . I'll let you if I'm finding it at my local shop .

  3. Hello Liz, The color of the flosses are wonderul and the "Queen" Mug is great and so are the mittens. Hugs judy

  4. Found you some at the 2th shop I entered !!!!



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