Saturday, March 6, 2010

It’s Back!!!

This morning as my Hubby & I drank our coffee in bed and discussed the day; I had told him I would like him to bring down the Easter boxes from the attic...I wanted to decorate the front of the house, hang some plastic eggs on the trees and take a pretty picture of my finished Bunny pillow to show you.
Then I made a big mistake...I opened the shutters and this is what I saw.......SNOW!!

Where the heck did it come from ???
Doesn't it know I have had enough??
Can someone tell Mother Nature it is suppose to be Spring!

Here we go again...more snow...doesn't it ever stop??
What happened to the lovely Spring weather we had all week ?? Did you see me complaining ...No!!

I have bought spring flowers to put on my front steps...

spring flowers

These are the flowers I was going to use to take a nice picture of my Bunny would of looked so much prettier surrounded by flowers....

instead you get this.....

(Imagine the bucket behind the pillow filled with flowers.) I still think the pillow is cute…but it would of been cutier with flowers!

My intentions were good but Mother Nature isn't playing along.

I also was going to show you my crocuses are coming up and spring will soon be here..HA!
I had to dig their little heads out to take this picture.

crocus Needless to say I was not happy about all this snow, it messed up my plans...but there was someone that was happy to see the snow again...MAX! (but what does he know...he is a silly dog!)

At least he is having fun!

MAx playing Max ball 2

If you have nothing to do today, drop by ...Max is ready to play ball.come over I am off to bake some muffins for your visit! We can complain about the weather together!
Maybe Spring will come next week ??


  1. Hi Liz,
    Danke für die Einladung. Ich würde gerne vorbeikommen zu Kaffe und Kuchen und mit Max spielen;-)) Dein Hasenkissen ist sooo süß!!! Im Moment scheint bei uns die Sonne, ich hoffe, der Schnee ist bald wieder weg!!

  2. Oh Liz, I'd love to come over and have some muffins so we can complain about the weather, but.... we're having a lovely sunny day here... still lots of snow, but no new stuff... so I'm not complaining... guess I can't come over! My "girls" say "hi" to Max.... love your little cushion, turned out wonderful... I would have stuck the flowers in the pot for the picture anyway, LOL! BTW, somehow I missed your last post... congrats on your 61 days... you may not think it is a long time, but I think that is absolutely fantastic, you should celebrate... heck, celebrate big and buy "several" of the fabrics you like - then I won't feel so bad about buying a pile of fabrics either, LOL!. Hugs!

  3. Over here it snows again also, just like you I was planning to buy Sprng flowers for in the baskets...... Seeing Max he sure could be family of Daisy!! Hope the muffins tasted good,
    hugs WILMA

  4. Hi Liz! What a cute post! I love your bunny pillow, and even in the snow, it's adorable...I happen to be a die hard snow/winter lover myself, so for me it's okay if Spring takes her time getting here! Your poochie is a cutie!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Good luck with my giveaway! ;D Paulette



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