Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Plastic bags

In our pantry the plastic bags have taken over so I flipped out and whipped up a bag holder for them. I kept seeing this holders on the net and thought one day I will make one…well, one day came.

The ones I saw on the net were sewn with pretty fabrics (check this link out or this one) but I have to admit I couldn’t get myself to cut up my nice fabrics for a plastic bag holder that hangs in our pantry….yup, I cheaped out and used old fabric I had.
Hey, it is only a plastic bag holder, it doesn’t have to be pink & pretty. I did machine embroidery words on it . That's as fancy as I get for plastic bags.

Wouldn’t you know it, after I made the holder I read about a cute way to fold all your plastic bags….darn.! I could of saved myself some sewing….at least mine is easy to use…just stuff them in the top and pull them out the bottom. If you are bored and want to fold your bags....check this out.

P.S: I don't even know why I save plastic bags…we don’t use them, we use the fabric totes. Guess in case I need a plastic bag to give someone one. That or I am a saver of everything !? Which could it be ??


  1. Hey Liz.... love this... I have been meaning to do one for myself for a long time too but just never seem to get around to it either... I save bags and use them for garbage, but I am trying to get better and carry my cloth bags with me to the store... I think all the stores should stop using plastic bags and just start using paper bags like in the old days, then they are totally recyclable and compostable... Hugs.

  2. Hi, I'm glad you added your P.S. otherwise I would have given you a 'morsebag' for shopping.
    Hugs Katja