Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring is coming !

Finally the snow is gone and the signs of Spring are here!

It never ceases to amaze me what a bit of shineshine can do.
All week the sun has been shining, the temperatures have been warm and all the bulbs I planted last fall are finally coming up.
I was worried the tulips & daffodils wouldn't bloom in time for Easter but it looks like they will.

My Crocuses are already in bloom....

The tulips & daffodils are pushing their way up....

My Puschkinias (sorry I don't know the English word for these) are starting to bloom. These are super pretty & dainty. They are only about as high as my baby finger.
My Christrose is still blooming...I thought it only bloomed in winter but I guess it likes it here ??

My Niece (Laura, almost 5 years old) & my Nephew ( Jannis 2 1/2 years old) decorated some of the trees with plastic eggs.
They said they wanted the Canadian Easter bunny to find his way here....I told them the Canadian Easter bunny doesn't bring chocolate but little toys ( I figure they get enough chocolate from the German Easter Bunny) so they are super excited to see what he will bring.
I think they did a lovely job decorating.

On Thursday a girlfriend that I have been trying to get together for a long time finally found the way to our house ( I guess the eggs worked?) Sorry Katja I have to tease you a bit :-)

Katja also brought some Spring into my home but the nicest part was spending the morning chatting with her!
She speaks perfect English so it was nice to practice English again !
Ahhh, the joys of not having to worry about German grammer. I could just babble what came out of my mouth!

Katja...come again real soon!

I was hoping to get my Hubby to help me with some garden work today but it is raining ( isn't he lucky)
So instead we are going to the Easter Egg shoot.
I don't like guns ( actually they scare the heck out of me) but these are BB guns and it is inside a hall and safe.
I let him be a "boy" or should I say "he-man"...once a year since it is a Easter Tradition for him and for every bulls eye he gets, he wins a chocolate bunny and every other hit on the target wins a colored egg.
I guess you just gotta let men be boys every so often....I think it makes him feel like he is bringing home dinner. ( I would prefer he brought Chinese)


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  1. I although thank you for the chatty morning. I'll be back ... as soon as easter break is over.
    I hope I will have something quilty done til then that I can although show you something.
    Hugs Katja



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