Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tooth Fairy landed!

I guess all my whining worked a package arrived yesterday!! Actually it wasn’t for my tooth but a prize I won on Jandi’s Blog. She had a Giveaway and I was one of the lucky winners.

I won a Moda Charm pack – Hunky Dory ( I have never had a charm pack so I am really excited to use it…once I figure out what to make with it…ideas are welcome!!) she also included a magazine…as if she knew I would be sick on the couch whining away. Thank you Jandi for the prizes!!

Remember my post about me sending my sister on a hunt for #99 DMC floss, which she couldn’t find since they are discontinued, well…a friend Miet (in Belguim) read my post and checked her local quilt shop and guess what she found …#99 floss!IMG_2909

Miet was sweet enough to send my 2 skeins. Thank you Miet! I don't know why DMC has discontinued these flosses…they are lovely ! Maybe I need to write DMC or move to Belgium to keep myself supplied.

It looks like whining isn’t so get nice packages in the mail…maybe I should do it more often!??


P.S: Thank you for all your sympathy makes being a whining baby much easier :-)
P.S.S: I am doing much better today, the antibiotics have kicked in but I am not telling my Tooth Fairy Guy...maybe I can get away with not cooking one more day?!


  1. Liz... beautiful goodies... what a lovely way to forget your aches and pains, VBG! Hugs.

  2. I'm glad your package arrived safely. And I hope you get feeling better soon! Just lay on the couch, flip through the magazine, and get some rest!

  3. take it easy... have hubby cater to you 1 more day.. lol
    great prizes good for you

  4. Ohhhh Liz, I am sorry for you and your sore x tooth spot. I hope it gets better soon, I hate to hear you cry!!! Nice fabric you won, I will be anxious to see what you create with it. Four teeth out in one go, you must have been wild and crazy back then!!

  5. Lovely goodies, I am sure you will make something nice!

    I noticed you liked the biscornu on Connies blog, you can get the pattern from my blog here

    Kind regards