Monday, May 10, 2010

Paris adventure continues….

Yesterday I promised to post some pictures of the BEST fabric street in Paris. Grab a Kleenex…you are going to need it to whip the drool off your face!

My friend Marika told me I had to go there…I am so glad I listened to her. Thanks for the tip Marika! (My Hubby wasn’t to happy about the tip but I was !)

The coolest fabric street in Paris is called “Place Saint-Pierre” and it is right by Sacré Coeur ……this is a beautiful Basilica and well worth the hundreds of stairs it takes to get up there (at least it looks like hundreds of stairs) or your smart like we were and you take the lift up.

After going to the Basilica we headed to “Place Saint-Pierre”… I stood at the top of the hill and saw all the fabric stores I started to drool…this is a girls dream come true (at least this girl!)


These pictures don’t so it justice but believe me …it was heaven! I just stood there and drooled on myself and told my Hubby that I want to move to Paris! It was store after store filled with fabrics.


Along the street I came across a store called Moline…after I entered it I told me Hubby he better go for a coffee ( or two) …I could be here for a while.


…endless trims


…..and ribbons


…and buttons & charms

I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know where to start but being the good quilter that I am, I did manage to find a few things.

We also went to a shop called “la droguerie”IMG_3470 …I have never seen so many ribbons, trims, buttons,beads…you name it…. in one store in my life. This is the only picture I managed to get before the lady caught me and told me “No Photos” …party pooper!
I love the way everything was in jars.

IMG_3471 I also went to a shop called Mokuba France. They make the famous Mokuba ribbons & trims but they wouldn’t let me take any pictures in the shop either…I tried to explain to them that I just wanted to brag to my Blog friends but I think they thought I was a spy.

Now you are probably wondering if I bought anything…off course I did but I was a good girl and controlled myself ( it helps if your Hubby is there…he kept reminding me of my sewing room filled with fabrics and would ask if I needed it…don’t you just love when men are sensible ( or better know as Killjoys!)

Of course I had to get some French Toile….isn’t it lovely? Toile

I have no idea what I will make with it but I just loved it and had to have it

fabrics 1

I fell in love with this pink fabric and the wild green one would be perfect for a purse I want to make ( what do you think Katja?)

fabric 2 owls

This owl & button fabric was just too darn cute to pass up!

As you see I was a good girl and didn’t flip out …at Paris prices I had no other choice :-)

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the sites…there is more to Paris then fabrics shops…after all there is the Eiffel Tower !



  1. Liz... shameful of you to control yourself! LOL! I love your toile and pink/green fabrics... the owls are cute too! Hugs.

  2. "La Droguerie" is wonderful, isn't it? The other ribbon store looks like paradies as well. I can so well imagine that you had a hard time deciding what to buy.
    Have a great day!

  3. Hello Liz, WOW, I wish I could of joined you on your adventures in Paris. I love seeing that Fabric Street. Interesting how they would not let you take pics in those two places. I would of LOVED to go to the Mokuba shop and those button and trim shop would of been heavenly to explore. Your room was very neat. The bedspread was very cool. I am soooooooooooooo happy you had such a wonderful time. Hugs Judy



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