Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paris was …..

cold, windy, smelly, dirty…..but WONDERFUL!

The weather was cold & windy the first days ( I even bought mittens) but then the sun came out and everything was good again. On the positive side it didn't rain! Nothing ruins a vacation like rain. I hear in Germany they had rotten weather so I guess we were lucky we were in Paris.

Where do I start to tell you about our trip? First off…our hotel and room were great (the rooms are small in Paris) it was clean, pretty and centrally located. The staff were friendly (even spoke English) and breakfast was filling. I don’t even want to know how many calories I ate in Croissants ??

I felt like a princess sleeping in this bed. I would of loved to steal the white bedspread but our suitcases were to small.


They even had fluffy bathrobes & slippers waiting for us.


The bathroom had a bidet …I never did know what to do with one of them…guess I am not European enough!

One of the things I really wanted to see while in Paris was a flea market . It turns out the big flea market (Marché Vernaison) is open Saturday - Mondays. After checking into our hotel my Hubby & I took the Metro up to the flea Market …all I can say is “ Oh my God”!! If you are a antique collector this is the place to go and drool! (Julia, I thought of you the whole time!) I found the coolest old scissors there…but once the man told me they are from 1800 something and cost 580€ I had to pass…that was a tick over my budget.

I really wish we had flea markets like this in Germany. IMG_3157

Map of all the booths. The booths are permanently there. They just open it up for the weekends.

IMG_3143 IMG_3150

Beads to drool over……

IMG_3147 IMG_3148


I would hate to have to polish all this silver!


Love this headboard…I would feel like a princess sleeping in a bed like this! Check out how long that table is.


Aren’t these antique toys adorable?

If that wasn’t enough…there was a another flea market a street away…. IMG_3159

…Paris really is a collectors Paradise. Next time I have to bring more time & money!

I also found the best fabric street in Paris! But I will tell you more about that tomorrow….

…now I am off to make some dinner…

“au revoir”


  1. Oh wow, what a fabulous trip you must have had! I'm glad it didn't rain on you. I can hardly wait to see the fabric pics. Have a great day, Elaine

  2. Oh Liz, Can you see me drooling? The flea markets sound and look so wonderful. All that silver is so yummy and I love the boxes filled with beads. I also enjoy seeing the wisterias in that flea market street. What a cute bed you had in your hotel and don't you just love when bathrobes are provided? I'm glad you had such a great time and I'm looking forward to seing more pictures.
    Have a great Sunday evening!
    Big hugs,

  3. Happy Mothers Day Liz and thanks for posting your photo's of Paris, can't wait to see more. I have never been there but I will remember "Lots of Money" Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gosh, everything looks so charming! I love that bedspread too! ... Happy Mother's Day! ;)

  5. Liz... sounds like you had a wonderful time, wish I could have been there too... love your hotel room... I'm drooling all the way over everything you have shown today... lucky you! Hugs.

  6. Paris is always a wonderful place to visit, I think you never get bored of, looking forward to more photos.Hugs