Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paris…the never ending story!!

I bet you thought I was finished with my Paris adventure…no way! There is one thing I haven’t told you about…the FOOD!

Of course our mornings started out with a Croissant (or two). I don’t even want to know how many calories I ate but they were delicious ! It seems the French don’t have big breakfasts…just a couple of croissants & coffee but for that they eat a big lunch ( appetizer, entree & dessert) Most restaurants offered what they call “Menus” …you could pick one item from each category to make your own meal ( each category had at least 4-5 choices) It wasn’t always easy to decide what to eat but our first meal consisted of Escargot     ( I love these) …yummy !IMG_3226Then I had a pork dish…. I have no idea what it was called ?? The waiter spoke not much English and my French consists of “Merci” & Bonjour” but I am the adventurous type so I figured I would try it…it was delicious!!! My Hubby had Beef Bourguignon but wouldn’t let me take a picture of his food ( party pooper)IMG_3228 I did manage to get a picture of his dessert…mine was better since it was chocolate cake …that's what the waiter told me but it tasted like a super choco brownie cake with 1000 calories! My Hubbys was some Pudding thing…I couldn’t pronounce the names in French if my life depend on it and spelling them is out of the question! But they were YUMMY!

IMG_3233IMG_3234  Now meal would be complete in France without some wine…. Santé !!IMG_3229 If your ever in France you have to go to this restaurant (Le Poulbot in the Place du Tertre area)…it was super cute & quaint, it is run by a family and they were very nice to us. Best of all, not expensive for French standards.IMG_3225 I am not going to bore you with all the meals we ate but I gotta show you one more.

I figured when in France…do as the French…eat frog legs! Did I actually do it ??

You bet!!!  and they were good!                                 Personally I don’t know what the big deal is, they tasted like little chicken legs without the fatty skin. I figured if I can eat snails…I can eat frog legs! I know some of you are grossed out and some are saying …yummy! I would of never forgiven myself if I hadn’t tried them.Frog Legs

Now comes the best thing I ate in Paris…Crème Brûlée!!       I could of bathed in it!!                                                               It is the best desert I have ever eaten and I don’t care that it has the most calories of any dessert! It is worth it!                 I am drooling just thinking about it ! Super Duper Yummy!Creme Brulie

I could go on & on about our trip and show you another dozen pictures.                                                                     Paris was more wonderful then I had anticipated. I would do it again ( that says a lot since I never vacation at the same place twice)                                                                               It was gray, dirty, smelly, old but had a magic about it. If you have ever been there you know what I mean and if you haven’t …you gotta go. The memories will stay with us forever…..

As I told my Hubby…”We’ll always have Paris”!

thimble Hugs,

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  1. Good Day Liz. Can you believe I have Never eaten any of the things you ate in Paris. I am truly deprived. LOL BUT I would certainly give the Creme Brulee a tried. LOL I am sure you and your sweet hubby will always remember the Paris Memories. It was a fantastic trip for you all. And I love the Paris Thimble. VBG Hugs Judy



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