Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paris…the sites

Sorry for the laps in my posting about Pairs but “Life Stuff” got in the way ( washing, shopping…all that fun stuff)

You didn’t really think I was finished telling you about Paris…no chance. You asked for pictures …here they come! Be sure to click on the pictures to get a bigger view.

Paris is more then just fabric shopping…it is filled with all kinds of famous sites ( some I wonder why and others I know why.)

The most famous being the Eiffel Tower …I don’t know what the big deal is..I could hold it in my hand…

The tower is huge (324 meters)…it is brownish and ugly (just my opinion) It needs some color! …a few quilts hanging from it…then I would find is pretty! Wouldn’t that be a cool exhibition…the Eiffel Tower covered in quilts!!

I found it prettiest at night…what do you think? Also it was much more romantic to “kiss” under it at night with the lights twinkling then during the day when the birds were pooping on our heads.

Eiffel Tower

Tower at night

The Arc de Triomphe is another “must” see site (that's what all the books tell you)


close ups….

The Arc de Triomphe is the end (or beginning, depends on where you stand) of the famous shopping street Champs-Élysées

It is filled with all the famous shops….Champs-Elysees layout and a few that everyone can afford…McDonalds Disney I watched this shop for 10 minutes in hope that George Clooney would come out but he never did …

…so instead I tried to convince my Hubby that we should redo our stairs like these in the Swarovski shop… he thought I was nuts….what do you think …is it “overkill” ??


After crossing the River Seine

River Seine

You will come to Notre Dame

I don't know what is prettier the inside ....

or the outside....
mustn't forget the back.

One of the fun places to visit was the Place de Tertre.

It is filled with artists of all sorts trying to sell you their pictures. We did end up buy a small one…what would a trip to Paris be without an overpriced painting ??

Place du Tertre

Place du Tertre layout

Check out those stairs! I was glad we were going down not up!

WOW, this is turning into a long post but before I stop for today I have to show you my favorite place. The Louvre !

It was amazing! It was HUGE! It was better then I expected! If you ever make it to Paris, you just have to go to the Louvre, even if it is only for a few hours ( you would need a week to see the whole thing) it will take your breath away.

Here are a few favorites of mine….the sculptures were HUGE and beautiful…

Louvre 6

Louvre 3

Do you think this would fit in our garden ??

Louvre 2

....or this one ??

Louvre 7

The tapestries were beautiful!


How about some crystal for our table..


A few trinket boxes for my beads…


…or a crown for this Queen!

This was super small…it would fit in the palm of my hand, the Kings must of been smaller then.

Now a random showing of some I liked….


I would also have sweet dreams if an Angel visited me at night !


Look at the size of these.


This is what I call a RED room!


These are bigger then our house!!

A wise person told me not to forget to look up ! Thanks Sis!






No visit of the Louvre would be complete without seeing “the Lady”…Mona Lisa!

Personally I was a bit disappointed…you had to stand 10 meters away, there were thousand of people crowded around and the picture is small! (77 cm x 53cm or 30 x21 inches) There were a lot of other pictures I enjoyed more but here she is…the Mona Lisa !

Mona lisa

For the Dan Brown fans……the Holy Grail should be here ??Holy Grail WOW, this has to be the longest post in Blogging history but I couldn't stop adding pictures. I hope you have enjoyed some of the sites…I have way more but that's enough for today…Max wants to go out and I have to be feed.


P.S. It took me 3 coffees to write this…how many did you need to read it ??


  1. Hello Liz. WOW, what great places you visited. I truly enjoyed the tour of Paris. You certainly hit all the high lights. I love those crystal stairs. Love them. I would of love to go shopping inside their store. Yup, ME think the Urn is a bit big for the your garden. Your DH looks like a sweetie. And I had NO coffee during my visit. LOL Hugs Judy

  2. Oh Liz, this is so fantastic, I want to go!! Thanks for sharing you photo's they are great and what memories for you and you make it sound like such fun too. I couldn't even drink my coffee I was so mesmerized. Love and Hugs, Lola

  3. Liz.... lovely photos... makes me want to go! I'd rather take a trip like that than sit on a beach all day - everything is so stunning! Thanks for showing us... I don't drink coffee, and it's much too hot for tea today, so I went without.... Hugs.!

  4. Juhu Liz,

    das war ne schöne Tour durch Paris, danke Dir! Ich glaube ich muss dann doch auch einmal wieder hin. Ist ja schon fast 30 Jahre her der letzte Besuch..ok. letztes Jahr sind wir durchgefahren und haben den Eifelturm von weitem gesehen, aber das zählt nicht.

    Und ja - der Eifelturm ist nicht schön!


  5. Hi Liz, You for sure had a wonderful trip! I just love the Eiffel Tower. What a shame that George Clooney didn't come out of that shop ;-). Maybe next time ... Even though I love some bling, those Swarovski stairs are too much for me. Gorgeous art in the Louvre! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!
    Big hugs,



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