Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jam & Zippers

What do the two have in common…nothing !                          I am just going to write about them both and  couldn't think of a cute title so I called it what it is …creative uhh!!

On Friday as all of Germany was watching Germany playing in the WM Soccer game I was making jam. I don’t watch the soccer games…not because I am not patriotic but because I want Germany to win the WM Cup and every time I watch a game they lose ( it was the  same with Canada & the Olympics) I don’t watch.

I didn’t watch and they still lost…but they are going to win the cup…even if it means I have to spend every game in my sewing room …I will sacrifice myself…isn’t that nice of me?

Anyways…I had to do something with all the strawberries we picked…there is no way I could eat that many or drink that many shakes so I made jam. One is all packaged up (for a friend) and I only have 9 to go. The jam turned out pretty good ( if I do say so myself…I’m not humble)


I have to tell you a funny story about me making the jam. As I was cleaning the strawberries I noticed I got juice (spots) on my top…since I liked this top I decided I better take it off before it was totally covered in red spot. So I took off my top and put on an apron. Once I cleaned all the strawberries and put them in the pot to cook. All that stirring and steam made me hot so I took of my jeans.

At this point I am in my kitchen in a red checked apron with nothing on under it except my bra, panties, blue socks and my green rubber garden shoes.  All you get a picture of is my green garden shoes…there are some things you just don’t need to see!green shoes

I gave my outfit no thought…after all I am in the comfort of my own home…till my Hubby surprised me by coming home early. He walked into the kitchen took one look at me standing at the stove stirring a big pot of jam naked in an apron with my big butt in polka dot undies, blue ankle socks and lime green rubber shoes. He shook his head and said “ is this the newest style?? Do you have a purse to match this outfit”? It is a good thing he can run faster then I can!!!

Now comes the zipper part of my post. I have been wanting to make some purses (not for the above outfit), small bags, ect but I didn’t have any zippers that matched the fabric so I finally ordered some. My order arrived and I was so surprised and happy with it. Check out these colors….I couldn’t decide which colors to get so I ordered the Spar-Parket 20 Farbtöne a super deal…20 meter zippers for only 15€ plus a few other colors I just had to have!Zippers

It looks like a rainbow to me….they are almost to pretty to use!

rainbow of zippers

Rainbow of zippers 2







I was really surprised how nicely all the zippers where packaged, I definitely will be ordering more from her. The wonderful shop is called…Patchworkstatt-Sophie …tell her Liz says Hi!

Now I just have to decide which color to use first??

I better grab a coffee first since I know this is going to be a hard decision…hope you have a nice Sunday…I will be trying to convince myself to cut into one of my new zippers! Ahhh, this is going to hurt!



  1. Oooh, the jam looks wonderful...I love strawberry jam! And you paint a very vivid picture of you in your undies and funny! But making jam is hot work after all!

    Those zips look lucious. What great colors. I'm going to have to go check out that site!

    Hey if you want a project to use one of your new zippers, come on over to my blog and check out my wallet tutorial. I posted it yesterday afternoon.

    Have a great day!



  2. The jam looks yummy! Now what would you have done if the postman had rang the bell and you forgot what you were wearing, you answered the door, completed the business, then walked passed the mirror and took a double take??? .... reminds me of the commercial with the lady in the restaurant who goes to the washroom and comes out with her dress tucked into her panty hose.... tee hee. Hugs



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