Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nightmare in Germany!

For the last days I have been wanting to write you about how crazy my Hubby is making me ( he is home on vacation),  how our trip to Gardasee, Italy was cancelled due to rainy weather. gardasee_ferienhaus_pool_villa ( I had no desire to drive 10 hours to sit in a room as it rained outside for a week)…..
40th-birthday-party-invitations-packs-of-8-593-p1 or how I had to whip up a 40th birthday party for my Hubby at the last minute since we didn’t go to Italy …
IMG_3795 or how pretty our garden is blooming….
easy-way-to-quit-smoking or how I still haven’t smoked a cigarette. It has been 6 months now…never thought I would last this long but I have!
Yup, I was going to write you about all those things but every night I was just to tired to touch the keyboard till tonight.
I had the living crap scared out of me and I have to share it with you!
My Hubby and I were in the garden, we had just finished giving Max a bath ( we took him swimming to a lake and he smelt “ripe”…he needed a bath!) I don’t know who was more wet, Max or I ?? …anyways, a girlfriend came by with her new dog ( just got it a week ago from the pound) and wanted to introduce her to us….bad idea!!
Her dog (Laura) a boxer/pitbull mix came into our garden (she kept her on a short lease) and was talking to us…all was fine…then Max (our Labrador) came bouncing from behind the house and of course went up to the dog and wanted to do the “sniffle thing”…he thinks all dogs and people that come to our house are there to visit/play with him. All of a sudden her dog just bite into Max…no growl, no barking, just bite into him! The worse thing was that he didn't just bite him…he bit into his ear and wouldn’t let go.  My Hubby was holding Max (as he cried in pain) he didn’t want Max to pull away and rip his ear off. He tried shaking the other dog to let go…didn’t work…he put his hand over his nose thinking if he couldn’t breath he would let go…didn’t work…the dog wouldn’t let go, was growling now and poor Max was crying in pain. It was like a bad movie…I stood there frozen in shock!
At some point I finally came out of shock and started to hit the dog in the nose (somewhere I heard to hit them in the nose and they will let go)…dogs or attackers I didn’t know which and at this point I didn’t care…I had to do something she was hurting my baby boy!.  I kept hitting his nose…he wouldn’t let go….after a ton of punches he finally let go!
Max and I ran to the house. I tried to check his ear…it was bleeding ( of course) I was still freaking out…my heart was pounding a mile a minute. My baby boy was bitten!  We rushed to the vets. In the car I started to cry…the shock was wearing off. How could a dog bite my dog??
Max is a sweet over-friendly dog. He doesn’t bark or growl at other dogs…he just wants to play (or eat treats). Why would any dog want to hurt him ?? We have no idea why the dog flipped out??
All I know is …if you own a pitbull mix dog…please put a muzzle on him…they are unpredictable! I don’t care want anyone says! I just witnessed it with my own two eyes…that dog bit in and wouldn’t let go. Even worse is what they could do to a baby or small child. If we weren’t standing right there I would hate to think what would of happened! Max surely would of lost his left ear.
Luckily, Max is OK. The vet said he was very lucky! The dog didn’t get any major veins. Max is on antibiotics & anti-swelling pills …….IMG_3857  Max is resting and in a week we hope he will be better (physically) and his ear will heal.
I on the other hand will be super leery around other dogs.
Hugs, still in shock!


  1. Oh holy sh.... poor thing, all of you! It happened to our dog about 20 years ago - and I still can hear the screams of my sweet, lamb-like dog when he was attacked by a German Shepherd. AWFUL !!! I'm pretty sure your caring will help him to recover - just take good care of you, will you ??? By the way, congratulations for not smoking, not even now!! WOW !!!

  2. Hello Liz,

    Congratulation on your 6 month milestone. Good job. You should be very proud of yourself.

    I was not surprise to heard that a pitball did something like this. How very sad for your poor Max. I am sure he will be very hesitatant toward other dogs that come his way again.

    Tell your Dear Hubby Happy 40th. I remember when I turned 40 a century ago (LOL) I was having the time of my life. VBG

    We are leaving very soon for PEI and I can hardly wait. Hopefully you will get to Italy soon. Hugs Judy

  3. OMG, poor sweet little Max! That's aweful! I'm so glad, he didn't lose his ear. What a good thing that your hubby could hold him. Please give him a big hug from me and you get one of course as well for experiencing such a fright!
    What a shame that your trip was canceled, Liz. The weather had been really weird this year so far. Hopefully the party had been fun. Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!
    Congrats on 6 months non smoking! You're doing just great, girl! Keep it up!
    Big hugs to all of you three,
    PS: That Eiffel Tower thimble is the cutest thimble ever!

  4. Oh Liz... how scary! And I know exactly how you feel... my "little girl" was attacked too (a shephard), the other dog got her on her back and my little girl had her in belly in the air... I was over there like a flash... happened 3 times (in my yard) as it was the neighbour's dog... took a long time for her to get over it and she was always leary (as I was) of the dog... many years later, things changed and that dog got old and ended up over at my place many times, often staying the night (one of my posts has her in it)... small consolation but it is the mental behaviour of dogs that we don't understand.... I am glad Max is okay... give him a hug from us.... oh, and BTW, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations on your not smoking for 6 months... I was just wondering about how you were doing with that and here's a post! Hugs.

  5. Oh LIZ,, I am so sorry.. I started crying reading about poor max. I HATE PITBULLS i know it is strong language but I think they should be outlawed in neigborhoods.. Poor poor Max. he is such a sweet dog . DID your friend take that dog back to the pound? she needs to. Happy Birthday to hubby. and congrats to you 6 months wow girl friend you got it now.. I am so happy for you.
    Sorry about your trip being cancelled but maybe you can make the trip soon.
    Hugs to you and give Max a hug and kiss from me.

  6. WOW, Liz this is a lot of news, thanks god Max is alright !!! and I'm very proud of you for still not smoking :-) !!

    will call next week, hope we can manage some more coffee before I move !!

    xxx Lisa