Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer is here full force…it is hot!

We have been having a heat wave and it is just to hot to do anything…even Max doesn’t want to play ball!To Hot I have been spending my mornings in the shady garden stitching a bit…… I am working on my “A Gardener's Journal” blocks.IMG_4085IMG_4084IMG_4086 In the afternoons I escape to the basement. I set my Featherweight up in the office (coolest place in the house) and figured it was time to tackle some WISP’s. I started attaching the borders to the top of my Journey of a Quilter quilt…I figured it has hung long enough on my design wall that I finally have to finish it (at least get the top finished…quilting is another story). Actually I want to start another quilt but I can't till I finish this top…a girl has to has some rules…actually I need the design wall!IMG_4099 Off to my basement…maybe I should have some lunch first…does a Banana Split count as a meal?? In this heat I think so!

Hugs, my family & friends across the sea.....grill a steak for me!

1 comment:

  1. I believe you actually have hit 3 food groups with the banana split:
    Pleasure food
    I am giving away a red,white and blue quilt kit on my blog, just for answering a few questions on batting, come on over, Elaine



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