Wednesday, September 15, 2010

IKEA is always good

My friend Katja teased me that IKEA closed down Saturday since they made enough money after my shopping trip….she is a funny lady!

I have to admit I can never come out of IKEA without buying something…the stuff just asks to be taken home or it springs into my buggy…I don’t know which it is but I always find myself at the register with something….what a nice feeling.

On Saturday we went to IKEA to get some plastic boxes for our shoes in the closet…we needed more…what a surprise! I won’t bore you with pictures of them or all the boxes & organizers my Hubby bought ( he also likes IKEA …especially the Hotdogs on the way out)

Look what goodies I found! I always come home with a piece of fabric…it is a unwritten rule! The pink linen just cried to be taken home and the stripped fabric would be great as a liner in a purse ( if I ever make on…stop laughing Katja!)

Ikea purchaseThey had these funny lamps on sale (9.99€) ..they are bendable in every direction and since there was a pink one I just had to have it! It reminds me of an alien eye…ET is home!!  Of course the pink vase with dragonflies also had to come with me …when my Hubby saw me putting this in the buggy he asked” where is this going” I gave him one of those looks and said…It's pink; everything pink goes into my sewing room!…then Mr. Smarty-pants …said…”Do you still have room ??”  Men just don't understand how we can “find” room!

I also bought something for Max…aren’t this doggie tail hooks just to funny? I will hang them by the front door… one for his collars & one for his leases.DOggie tails 2Doggie tails

My friend Silke had told me about some treats IKEA sells that are suppose to be delicious ! I took her advice and bought some! She was right…they are taste…especially warm …yummy!GifflarAs you see I was good in IKEA and didn’t buy to much…of course, on the way out we had to have one of the hotdogs…a girl has to keep her man happy!


P.S… Judy, since you were so good as naming my other flower (the “Agapanthus”) Do you or anyone else know what this flower is ?? The guy told me it should be a Phlox but I am pretty sure it isn’t one…but what is it ?? It grows beautifully and I love it but I don’t know what it is?

Spidery flower


  1. Hey Liz, your friend is right there are many varity of Pholx. Your I think is called a Fragrant Phlox. They all look a bit different. Yours are very pretty. I also love your fabric and wee light but I especially love the "Rose Bottle" what are you plans for it. Hugs Judy

  2. I know what your mean about IKEA! Love the hotdogs and the Swedish meatballs!