Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I’m ready for Fall Shopping….

my Sunflower purse is finished and I think it is cute as a button. 

Sunflower PurseI love the way the bottom corners are done…very chic!

Corner of Sunflower Purse Even the inside is nice and neat ( not like the pencil case)Inside of Sunflower Purse

This purse was fun to make. I think I have to make one with Christmas fabrics but bigger of course! Or I have a bunch of Halloween fabrics I can use up……do you think I am to old for “Trick or Treat” ing ??

I have to share a tip (trick) I learned from Silke ( she learned it from someone else and told me)…don't you just love how we share our knowledge?

For the batting I didn’t use normal Thermolan…I used …your going to love this ….Floor washing clothes! 


I don't know if you have these in America but here in Germany a lot of the housewives still wash their floors the old fashion way ( not me…I use a mop…actually I use a Maid :-)

These cloths are super thick and sturdy and washable!…perfect as a batting in a purse. Best of all they are cheap! You get 2 – 50 x 58 cm pieces for .99 cents!!   I got mine at Lidl but Aldi has some too (they had a print on theirs and Lidls are plain white). 

I see the headlines tomorrow…Lidl is sold out of Floor clothes…all the German women are getting ready for Christmas cleaning…if they only knew Quilters were at work!

Since I had success making this purse…today I am going to try my luck again with Zippers …If you hear someone screaming & cussing …its just me!


P.S If anyone has a good link to a tutorial on how to make a tote, pouch or purse with a zipper…feel free to send it to me. I am going to master this zipper thing if it kills me …that or I will be giving away a lot of ugly bags.


  1. Hi Liz
    your purse is wonderful, well done ;-)

  2. Your tote turned out just wonderfully... so "sunshiny" now that winter is heading our way! Hugs.

  3. what a wonderful sunny tote Liz, I am sure you will gets lots of use out of it!

  4. Hi Liz,
    I love the tote bag and especially like the way the base corners are done.
    What a great tip about the floor washing cloths LOL. Who would ever have thought it :)
    We have Lidl here and we also have Ikea but I have to say I've never seen any pretty fabrics in there such as the ones you bought.