Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Here…..

The new IKEA Catalog just arrived.

Ikea Catolog I am going to make myself a cup if tea and see what new things I need! I can’t fit anymore furniture in our house but I am sure I can find a “little” something!

Should we meet at IKEA for breakfast or a coffee ??



  1. I'd like. In which one? E.g. Ikea Budapest? :):)

  2. I didn't get a copy yet :-( But I have a sticker on the letter box that I don't want to have advertising brochures - but I have another sticker that I would like to have mail from Sweden.
    I will check my letter box....

  3. How funny - I just thought today, hm I wonder whether the new IKEA catalogue is already out? We're still waiting for it; but I like the idea of coffee (and cake !!! love those green rolls ...) over at their restaurant! So count me in ;-))



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