Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some days are……

WONDERFUL and today was one of them!

I finally got to have a nice walk with Max.  I know this doesn’t sound exciting but for me it is great news!                                  

A while back (5 weeks ago) I fell while walking Max and since then I couldn’t walk without pain. I was at all the doctors ( 3 different Orthopedians) I even had surgery scheduled till the last doctor said he wouldn’t operate yet ( I liked him!!) …he would give me some shots first. I will spare you all the gory details of him sticking needles in my knees (yes, it hurt like heck and I did scream ..twice!) but it worked. After a few days the pain started to disappear and now I am almost pain free!

Oh happy dance!!!

images I don't know how long this will last but I am going to enjoy it as long as I can!

Another wonderful thing happened today…my package from Dörte arrived ! A Quilt shop in Dörte’s area is going out of business and she was having all the FQ’S on sale for 1.50€ !!! This is a Super Duper deal here in Germany…actually I have never heard of them being sold so cheap! This also included Japanese fabrics. When Dörte told me about this I told her to go shopping for me …actually I gave her “Carte blanche”  to buy all the FQ’s of Japanese fabrics she could get her hands on and some neutrals that she thought I would like.

This is what she sent me. I think she shopped really good  for me ! 

18 lovely Japanese fabrics

Japanes fabrics

….and 12 neutrals that every stash needs.

neutrals  It is a good thing this shop is far away ( about 550 Km from me) otherwise I would of probably bought even more!  Who am I kidding I would of gone nuts ( I won't even tell you how many FQ’S Dörte bought for herself but it was ALOT!)

Thanks Dörte for going shopping for me…you did good! :-)


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  1. glad to hear your fine now i was missing your posts



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