Sunday, November 28, 2010

1st Advent

Guess what we got yesterday ????

smells like snow

Max said it smells like snow…

Tastes like snow

…tastes like snow…..

Guess it must be snow!!!snow & max
We got snow!!!
I love when it snows!!
Max and our niece Laura had fun it…she built a snowman (or should I say …tried?!)
Laura & SNowmanIsn't this the saddest snowman you ever saw ??
snowman  I tried to keep Max away from eating the snowman's nose (Max loves carrots) …eventually Max won and we had a nose-less snowman!
Today we hung all the lights outside which wasn’t easy because of the snow …we frozen our butts off and our mittens were soaked but the lights twinkle and look nice.
Ahhhh, the joys of Christmas are beginning.

Too warm ourselves up we had a coffee break with fresh cake (my DFIL baked) and delicious Hazelnut coffee…I haven't had one since I lived in the USA…..yummmy!1st advent
Hope you all have a lovely 1st Advent!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Liz, I can hardly believe you all have gotten snow before us. I see your doggie is enjoying it. The snowman is too cute. Hugs Judy



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