Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Did you notice that "Diet" is a 4 -letter word and you know what our mothers taught us about 4 letter words...we were to NEVER ever use them!
So I am going to take my Mothers advice and delete the work "Diet" from my vocabulary, instead I am going to try and replace it with healthy eating, daily exercise and Blogging! ( Hey, a girl can't change everything over night!)

I have only one problem with this whole idea...what am I suppose to do with all the chocolates I got as gifts over the holidays ??

I shouldn't eat them butt will only get fattier ...
I can't throw them away... we shouldn't waste food....
I can't give them away...they were gifts....
...what is a girl to do ??

I could eat one chocolate a day and walk longer with Max...maybe I could eat them on our walks ?? That kind of defeats the purpose....ummmm....

I know!!! ...I will give them to my Hubby...his butt is already big and I like it that way! (actually not but better his butt then mine! )



  1. Hey Liz! Yep, your mom must have known my mom because that is exactly what she told me! And I am doing what you are - trying to eat healthier and exercise more. However, chocolate is not that bad for you if eaten in moderation. You could have just one piece each day - that's what I've been doing with some chocolates that I received last October and I'm losing weight! And, it looks like you have enough to last all year! :o)



  2. you can always send the kisses to me :)

  3. you could throw a chocolate party :-)
    ...let me know the date !!!

  4. You know that you have friends that are supposed to support you in your darkest hours.
    I will take the Rondnoir and the Mon Cherie.

  5. Can I become a member of your support group???? I'll gladly share the MonCheri with Katja ;-))

  6. Liz: You are lucky to get so much chocolate, you must have been a good girl. So now what to do with it!!! You could give it away (ya right!!) and pretend you ate it (LOL)!!! My mother always said, a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. Oh no, Lips, Hips, two more four letter words. Good Luck!! Love Lola



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