Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Facebook & Twitter ??

I don’t  want to sound dumb but what is the fuss with Facebook & Twitter ???

Can someone explain to me why everyoen has a Facebook & Twitter account???

I have to admit I have a Facebook account because a friend told me to open one ( so we could post pictures to each other…which we never do) and …I never use it!


Call me “Blonde” but I just don’t understand it ??

I don't want to have snowball fights, or feed dogs or send smiley faces to everyone … I just don’t get it …why is everyone so crazy for it ?? What am I missing ??

The same goes for Twitter…do you really what to get emails from me telling you I am putting my PJ’s on…or having another coffee or going to the bathroom…or any other silly thing ?? I don’t think this info would make your day complete ??  Or ???


I have to admit that I am a computer junkie-…I love my computer, the net, emails & my Blog. I can barely keep up with them. I just don’t have the time to Twitter or Facebook. (especially when I have no idea how & why?!)

Why I am writing about this….I would like someone to tell me what the fuss is about ??  And to tell all the people that keep requesting me to be their friend, not to be offended when I don’t reply. I am not replying to anyone.  I am flattered that so many people want to be my friend  ( I don't know why….do you get a prize or something when you have the most friends ?)

Can’t we just be friends without Twitter & Facebook ?? We can email, read each others Blogs or meet for coffee …I would like that.coffeeklatch I am going to pass on the  Twitter & Facebook thing until someone can convince me I need it….otherwise I would never get off this computer!


P.S. For all the Twitter & Facebook Lovers…this is not intended to offend you…I am trying to understand it and learn!


  1. Ok, Liz, accepted for friends who are close to each other, can have a coffee and talk to each other. Facebook is really for friends who are everywhere all over the world, like part of my family in the States, I never see them and I enjoy looking at the pictures of the family christmas party in Michigan :-) just my 5cts....

  2. and Twitter, ok, I could do without, but I'm following a couple of very funny golfers, english humor :-) see the offical statements on TV and than read the real story on twitter ! but not often............

  3. Well, I have to say that I agree with you 100%, Liz. I don't get the attraction either. I am the only one in our family that doesn't have a Facebook account...nor do I Twitter, Tweet, Toot, Flit, Flip or Fly. I just don't get it. Like you, I love my blog and e-mail, but that's enough for me. I have a friend that is on Facebook almost every single minute of the day - it's about the only way she ever communicates with anyone. She keeps nagging me to join Facebook so she can "talk" to me. Hello, pick up the phone and call me...or better yet, as she lives across the street from me, just come over! Sheesh!



  4. There you have them - both ways how people react to Facebook and Twitter ;-)) To me, Facebook is, like Lisa said, a possibility to stay in contact with people I once knew, but are now far far away (like people I went to school with, or quilters from the US who were in Germany for three years and moved back to the states). And I must admit, to me it's faster than writing emails to everybody. Next, I got a wonderful possibility (can't talk about it - yet ...) via Facebook), and I hope for more ;-))) Twitter ... that's something I still don't get really. I have an account, but I do not really use it. Maybe that will change once in a while.
    Bottomline: Facebook can be fun, and all those games and stuff you can ignore (just tell Facebook at the first sight of a snowball or something like that - no thank you, you'll never see it again). Besides that, it is a fast way to communicate with lots of people.
    But still - I would love to have coffee and cake with you in reality, that's absolutely true (do you know Bonnie Hunter is going to come to the Black Forest Quilters ??? Just telling ...) So IF you decide to use your Facebook account, become my friend there, ok? If you don't - we still are friends, just without Facebook

  5. don't get the twitter at all / don't twitter, tweet or fly at all (okay sometimes i fly) but facebook is good cus' i don't have to send lots of emails any more. write on my wall and that's it - i don't play any of the games or stuff / sometimes will throw a snowball but usually not. good way to keep in touch. the funny thing is i finally joined after vicki bugged my for 2 years to get on. about a month after i finally got on she closed her account. also thought you might like to see some pictures every once in awhile of your family - apparently not. that's okay - we haven't changed much LOL and not everyone goes on all day every day. it's like anything - balance :) love ya sis

  6. Liz go on FB Lisa Dianna and I are all on we have met cousins in Finland I have never met before and its nice to chat with then its nice to see what everyone is up to



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