Monday, January 17, 2011


Don’t you just love Sundays?  

I had dreamed of having a productive Sunday in my sewing room instead I was busy taking down Christmas decorations…yes, our house is still decorated and our tree is up!tree I just had Hubby take this picture to prove it … some crazy (lazy) people still have there Christmas stuff up and I am one of them.

I managed to pack up the decorations for the Guest WC, the hall & the kitchen. The rest of the house still looks like Christmas is coming but this week I will get it done ( I hope !)boxes 

On a happier note… Katja & I finally got together to exchange gifts and look what I got !…fluffy pink socks.IMG_0609 Taking a picture of your feet is kind of strange…my feet really aren’t that short & fat…its the fluffy wool !

Look how fluffy the socks are…I have been wearing them all day and they are super soft & warm…thanks Katja !IMG_0613

I also got a “Happy Spring” gift from Julia… as usual it is beautiful and pink …. Thank you Julia…you know I love it! From Julia1I have to redo my wall to make room for the cone…life sure is tough! 

Saturday our Quilt group had its meeting and on the way I stopped at a shop to check out some fabrics…of course I found 2 pieces…don’t you just love the pink & brown one.fabric

Also I picked up a magazine…Katja, I had to go  to 4 stores before I found a copy….it’s all your fault!


Now I am going to jump in the Sauna and then crawl into bed with my new magazine…tomorrow is another day filled with packing up Christmas! HoHoHo!!


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  1. If i did as nice of a job as you do at christmas i would keep it up all year long !! or at least until Valentine's Day :) love you sis <3



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