Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some days are….

just to good to be true!

I didn’t think I could be happier then I was yesterday afternoon when my Prize package arrived from Cyndi but my Hubby topped it off.

Look what he came home with…. for me !

A Samsung Galaxy Tablet!!Samsung-Galaxy-TabI overloaded with joy yesterday…actually I am still flying today!

Last week as my Hubby and I were sitting at the doctors waiting for the next tests, I started talking about my upcoming 50th Birthday in June. I was discussing whether I should throw a big party or go on a trip or do both ( right after I won the lottery)  I couldn’t decide what to do but I said to him that I think I was going to tell the family that I would like money this year for my Birthday ( normally I don’t like getting money…I like gifts…and lots of them…LOL )


But this year I had a big gift in mind…I wanted to buy myself a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I told my Hubby this. I said it would be nice to download eBooks and games on it and then I could use it while I sat waiting in doctors offices & stuff….not to mention the fun cool factor.

I have no idea why he surprised me with it …he said “Why not? I am not going to question his motive …all I know is that he is the Best!

Thanks Honey!…Now I have to think of a new gift I want for my birthday ?  There was this sewing machine I had my eye on ?? LOL

I’m off to look for free eBook, app, & any other cool stuff “Sammy” needs…a new obsession begins!




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  1. That is just way cool, Liz! My hubby asked me if I wanted an iPad, and I said "No". What was I thinking? Maybe he'll sill get me one! LOL!!!
    Have fun with your new toy!