Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What a week…

have you ever had a week that flew by and when you looked back you couldn’t think of what you did?

Well….last week was like that for me…I did a 100 things and finished none!

This is a run down of my week…there is no rhyme or reason…just something to blog about…..get ready to be bored!

I was at the doctors …got my knees shot up again and he told me to start wearing “knee support things” when I walk Max….I feel like an old car that is being held together with Duck tape. ….do your think these make me sporty?? LOLIMG_0975

We had a few sunny days so I worked in the garden a bit…trimming shrubs, pulling weeks and playing ball with Max (a girl can’t only work!)IMG_0941 

My niece hung eggs in the tress….so that the Easter Bunny will find the way! ( I wish I was 5 again!)Eggs on trees

I even managed to cut some block… I didn’t mention anything about sewing them !


I tried to get the next blocks from”Out of the Box” ready but that also didn’t work…IMG_0977

On Saturday my Beading group got together and I did mange to finish a “Sweety Donut”.IMG_0960

I decorated the house a bit….Tilda Bunny says “Hop over for a coffee!


…and last but not least..I watched the news a lot and said prayers for the people in Japan. I still can’t believe what is happening is like a bad movie…even Hollywood wouldn’t make a movie with so much bad luck.



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  1. Hi Liz! If it makes you feel any better, I feel like an old cart too. Anyway, your trees are adorable. Can't wait to start some gardening!



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