Friday, April 1, 2011

Thank goodness for Rainy days!

Normally I am not a big fan of rainy days but every once in a while they are a godsend!

Lately we have been having “unusually” nice warm sunny days which means I have been spending all my time outside in the garden…pulling weeds, planting bulbs & flowers…spring cleaning outside. I can tell you that my muscle pains had muscle pains! I can’t believe all the new muscles I discovered that haven’t been used all winter…I am getting old ! ( I have always been out of shape but now I am old & out of shape!)

So, this sore body was very happy when is started to rain yesterday! Yippee! A day I can stay in and sew!

I am happy to report I  cut up allllll the FQ’S for my new project … 240 pcs……IMG_1138 …all the blocks are marked ready for stitching …36 blocks…IMG_1142 now I just have to stitch them…I hope we have some more rainy days!

They are hanging on my design wall ready to be sewn …as you can imagine I hope it rains today!Living the dream 

In the meantime my Hubby and I will have to plant these flowers ( yes, I have to stay out of the nurseries…but I like them as much as I like fabric shops)




I have always loved Bleeding hearts..they use to fascinate me when I was a little girl…they still do!




forget me notsSome true old favorites…every garden needs some “Forget-me-Not & Impatientsimpatients  I had my Hubby dig out the old roses bushes ( they weren’t getting enough sun in this spot) hortensie bed… and now I want to plant these Hydrangeas there ( I love Hydrangeas and they love me ..LOL)Hortensie

I figure that should keep him busy over the weekend…pity we have to go to a Christening otherwise I could make him plant more..LOL

Don’t these make you think of the song …

Ring around the Rosy                                                                A pocket full of Posy!primals

I wish you a sunny day …or maybe a rainy one?



 P.S. I see clouds rolling may be a rain day after all…..yippee…sewing machine here I come!


  1. Hello Liz, Happy Spring. I love all those lovely new flowers you got for your gardens. I really love the hydrangea too. Pretty colors you have bought.

    The Living the Dream Quilt pattern and fabrics are lovely. I am sure you will love doing all that stitching.

    How is your brace working when you use it when you are walking. Does it help or not. My poor knee needs some support and if your brace really is a "Good Thing" maybe I will give it a try too. VBG

    Big Hugs Judy

  2. Hey Liz! Oh girl, I love what you are doing with those Tidbits fabrics... that quilt is going to look awesome! Can't wait to see it finished. And your flowers are making me so long for Spring and planting time here in Ohio.... which is always AFTER Mother's Day (May 8th this year). We can still get frosts up until that time! Hydrangeas are my FAVORITE flower and I have lots of them planted at my house. You will definitely love having them around!

    Wishing you a nice, rainy day so you can stay in and sew! ;o)



  3. ach, sind die blümchen schön..
    frühling ist immer wieder ein besonderes Erlebnis.



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