Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cabin Fever….

Have you ever had such bad cabin fever that you could FLIP right out…well I am at that point!

Now I know how Jack Nicholson felt in “The Shining”shining_17_cherieI can relate!!!!!

After 3 weeks of being in the house ( only time I go out is to therapy or doctors office) I need to get out…I need to see people…I need to shop…I need to talk ….I need to WALK  !!!

Remember my Hubby built me a nice ramp so I could at least roll into the garden…well guess what …it has been raining or is so hot that there is no way I am going out there!

My “hot”Wheels are nice but they are not seeing any sunshine.Wheels Out of boredom I have been having races in the house with Max ( our Lab) and have been bribing him with cookies to pull me around ( poor dog is gonna get fat…happy but fat!)

How am I going to survive this for 6 more weeks???

Later today I have an appointment with my surgeon…maybe is I smile REALLY nice at him he will let me start walking a bit ?? I can try???

Since I haven’t taken any pictures of what I have been stitching ( promise to do that tomorrow) I will show you some pictures I took of my flowers before the rains came….IMG_1829










IMG_1851 Doesn’t Mother Nature produce the prettiest colors?? ….ohhhhhhh I think the sun might be coming out… I am gonna jump in my Hot Wheels and go for a tour of the grounds ( OK, I will roll up and down the walkway but a tour of the grounds sounds much better!)

Get out of the house…go shopping …hit a quilt shop, Starbucks…anything and think of me!





  1. Hallo Liz
    Geduld, Geduld, bald kannst du wieder herumspringen wie ein junge Elfe ;-)Mach schön fleißig deine Gymnastik und du wirst sehen:
    ALLES WIRD GUT !!!!!
    ganz liebe Grüße von Silke

  2. Hi Liz, I can understand you .... just been thru that, but not as bad ! Just some patience you'll be well soon !!! and I promise to take you to Starbucks next time I'm near you !!!

  3. Hello

    I just found your blog while surfing around other blogs.
    I don't know why your in the wheel chair but sure hope your up and around very soon. So glad you have your lab to play with

    I will check back later




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