Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don’t fall off your chair…


it really is me finally writing!

I know it has been a loooooooooong time since I last posted but life really threw me for a loop.

In April I was scheduled for knee surgery 2 days before the date, my sister called to tell me my mother was in the hospital (that it didn’t look good) I cancelled my surgery…flew to Canada and made it in time to say good-bye. The next day the angels took my Mother to join my Father in heaven….they are finally dancing together. I hope the angels are singing them a sweet song…

dancing couple 2

When I returned to Germany my knee surgery was rescheduled. On May 17th the doctors drilled, scrapped & sewed in my knee…I will save you all the gory details but it looks like with a little luck my knee might be OK and I won't need a knee replacement. (finally some good news)

The bad news is that I can’t walk ( apply pressure) to the left knee (leg) for 8-10 weeks!!! Have you ever tried laying around with your leg up for that long…it is impossible! I am allowed to move around in a wheelchair or with crutches…these are my two newest friends….Crutches

….my Sweet Hubby even built a ramp in front of our house so I could escape and roll into the garden when I started to get cabin fever.Ramp

Unfortunately sitting at the computer or sewing machine for more then 10 minutes is out ( ever tried sitting with one leg up…very uncomfortable) when my leg is down for to long it starts to swell & hurt…and pain is not my thing…foot stays up as much as possible!

I have been getting some reading, hand stitching & beading done…staying in bed or on the couch does have a positive side…it could be worse.

The pain is tolerable … my father-in-law walks our dog, my Hubby does the laundry & cooks and a lady comes in and cleans the house & irons…I’m not complaining! It would be perfect if I could put my foot down & sew but I guess a girl can’t have everything!

At least I can enjoy my the roses…roses



P.S. I want to thank everyone for the sweet cards…they really do mean alot to me.

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