Monday, August 15, 2011

3 Bears & a Bag….…

My sister sent a package out for  my birthday and it finally arrived !! It decided to do some site seeing without me !

Check out this cool purse she sent me ( no she didn’t make it…she bought it…I sew & she shops..LOL!

It is a MariesCollection bag …I love it! …it is huge! Everything will fit in it but the kitchen sink. She figured it would be good for when I go to my quilt meetings and bring work along…heck I can go away for the weekend..LOL

Don’t you just love the colors..I love the colors!






It even has a cute pouch inside




Inside the purse I found…these twin teddys…she said when she saw them she remembered how as like girls our mother use to dress us alike ( like twins…even though we are 3 years apart)

Do you see the bear on the right is a bit grumpy…that one is me…I hated being dressed alike as a kid…the one on the left is my sister…she liked looking like her big Sis.

Sister Bears

And there was this lovely Angel bear also inside the purse ( I don’t want you thinking my sister went nuts …actually she did but I collect little bears)Angel bear She said with all I am going through I could use and angel…I hope she gives me her wings so I can fly !


In the bag were also undies ( I‘m not showing you them ;-0) a couple of tops and these funny magnets….Magnets

All I can say is …. queen 

Thanks Sis!!!   

Luv Ya & Miss Ya!!!

Huge Hugs,

Big Sis

P.S: Thank you to everyone for your advice on the BBQ Quilt layout…it seems the decision was unanimous…Layout 1 won ( good thing, since that's the one I liked :-)…now to sew the blocks together :-0

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