Friday, August 12, 2011

Finish Friday…

I am happy to report I managed to stitch a couple more blocks for my “Living the Dream'” quilt…slow but steady wins the race.

More blocks 

 Heart block



Remember this block…..well I wasn’t happy with it ….





So….I redid it…I think it looks better now…don’t you agree?Better heart



Call me anal but I can’t help it!






That's all the stitching I got done this week ( I know its not a lot but better then nothing!)……but I have a good excuse….on Tuesday my beading group got together and we made earrings &  beaded beads and I just couldn’t stop.

My hoop earrings… I love the peyote stitch it is so easy.Hoops 

I found the pattern for these  Nautilus Spacer Beads on Zuzzl’s Blog. They were so much fun to make & addicting! Thank you Zuzzl for sharing your pattern ! I definitely will be making more. When you check out her blog…remember she's a pro & I’m a beginner!  :-0


Then we made some Pendelkette Paula from Pracht.

Blue Bead 

Check this out…both beads are made with the exact same Czech Fire-polish Glass beads & pearls…only the netting on top is a different surprised me how the silver & gold effected the beads…I have a lot to learn !


Here's all of them…ummm, what color do I still need?


That’s it for this week…hope you have  a lovely weekend!





  1. Wonderful beads! I love the blue one!! And I love you stitching! I don't have the time for it. No, I have to go on with my quilting. No time for other things. ;) There are so many tops that have to get sandwiched and quilted (with the Q-Drive, yeah! ;) ).

    Hope your knee is getting better!




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