Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day late & a dollar short…

that is my new motto…..

except this time I am almost a week late…not with what your thinking…..with my post!

I have a good reason…last week we had some big storms, with lighting & thunder ( I hate those kind of storms….I am like a little dog that hides under the bed…not my thing!

When the storms were going on I don’t turn on the computer, I once had a computer killed by lighting ( it fried the modem) and I haven’t figured out how to post from my iPad

I know the storms did havoc all over the world…thank goodness we didn’t get hit bad like our poor neighbors.

The winds ripped the flowers right out of our pots….

no flowers …I gathered them from all over the yard and now I can enjoy them on our kitchen table.

in vase Our neighbor had a huge corkscrew tree and the winds were nice enough to blow a branch in our garden …I needed some new branches for my Easter tree.

Branches  Sometimes out of something bad comes something good.

I wish I could report that I finished tons of projects but that's not the case…hopefully you can be happy with only a few things.

I stitched a few more blocks….

More blocks 5 my wish for you!

more blocks 4

and even sewed the rows together…now I  am over half way there! Only 8 more rows!

Half way

Tomorrow I leave for a weekend of sewing with it girls. We have rented a hostel in Aidlingen. Needless to say I have been busy all week trying to figure out what projects to take.  After a lot of ummms & ahhhs I made my decisions…curious what I actually will get sewn?

I promise to post Tuesday ( I would say Monday but I am sure I will be sleeping the while day) what I managed to get sewn…hopefully I have some pictures for you ??




  1. Liz... I know about storms!!! Your stitchery and quilt are coming along nicely. Have fun on your weekend away, looking forward to seeing what you'll work on! Hugs.

  2. Liz, I love your stitchery. They are looking great.
    Have fun at the retreat, and sew up a storm.



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