Friday, September 9, 2011

Finish Friday…..

even though I spent half the week in bed recovering from the weekend ( I can only imagine how long I would of needed if we did any drinking…I probably would still be sleeping !)  I did manage to get some sewing done ( not much but some)

I stitched only one little block….

More blocks 6 ( I wish I could enjoy the sunshine…all we have is rain!)

…but managed to add on 2 more rows…the quilt is officially at the 2/3rds mark…only 6 more rows!

2-3rds done

I also made a tiny pouch …..

Keys pouch

That's it !

I know it’s not tons but it something….now I want to cut out a pattern for a purse…cross your fingers it turns out, otherwise next week I will just have scraps to show you !




  1. ...und ich seh immer noch kein Blümchen...

  2. Liz, I know its been a long time Hope you are well Hugs Susan



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