Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I love my dog……

Max with bone

He is always there for me ( even when I don’t want him) he listens to me when I talk, cuddles me when I cry, he doesn’t care what I am wearing or if my hair is done…he loves me just the way I am …truly & completely….even more if I have a cookie or bone.

Then tell me why I am a bad “doggie mom” and wouldn’t buy him a 150€ bed…uppp you read right.

Max needed a new bed…his was looking all ratty & dirty & smelly…so off to the pet store we went. I saw this foam bed and when I asked what is cost the sales lady said 150€ !!  It was just a foam mattress looking thing (approx 80cm x 100)…. nothing fancy. She saw the eyes pop out of my head and proceeded to tell me that the foam was some special memory foam and when my dog laid on it his spine would be straight.

I looked at the lady …with that “ your kidding me” look and I said to her…”I love me dog but he is not getting a better mattress then I have…he is still a  DOG! A spoiled dog but a dog!

You should of seen the disgusted look she gave me…..needless to say we didn’t buy the bed.

But it got me thinking of making my own…that is why we went to IKEA ( not just for Pink stuff)

We bought an inexpensive (cheap) foam mattress 20€jaren-matratze__75908_PE201453_S4 I cut it in half to make it nice & thick… 12 cm …we don’t want the Prince sleeping on a thin mattress now do we ??

I sewed a cover for it ( so I can wash it)…..

Max bed ….I even embroidered his name on it….IMG_2450

…I think it turned out rather nice!

He hates it!

You can imagine how disappointed I was when he wouldn't lay in it…he sniffed it, looked at me and went and  laid down under the table….SPOILED DOG!

I bet he will love it tonight when I lay a nice fat bone in it…there is more then one way to skin a cat…I mean Dog!




  1. If he was a baby you would put one of your worn t-shirts there, to have your smell there ! it probably is just too new :-) !! xxx Lisa

  2. That is typical dog. You take all this time to make him a new bed, and he would much rather sleep under the table, lol! Don't despair, he will like some day, after the newness has gone out of it.
    Looks like you may try his name bigger on the bed, maybe he doesn't know it is for him., lol! Give Max a hug from me.

  3. I am so glad you posted a pic of Max. He is so handsome.. He will love his new bed just because you made it.. Just wait and see.

    BTW I cant post a comment on internet explorer I have to use google chrome to post. strange... hmmmmmm

  4. He sounds like a sweetheart and you sound like a great doggie mom! If he doesn't warm up to the new bed maybe you should give this ortho pet bed a shot. It sounds like exactly what you were talking about only $100 cheaper. My husband stumbled across it browsing their site and I've been back and fourth on weather to buy one or not for a doggie christmas gift. I'll let you know how it goes if I beat you to it haha

  5. If only dogs could talk! Ever since I had my dog, I never felt alone again. I’m trying my best to give back the unconditional love that she’s given me. No words can express how grateful I am to have her!



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