Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quilting time….

You won’t believe it but I started to machine quilt my “Journey of a quilter” quilt.

quilting I had wanted to hand quilt it…I tried…. really I did but it looked like “shi*” so I ripped out the stitches and put it on the “To quilt” pile for another few months. 

Then all of a sudden I was looking for something else and I saw the quilt and said to myself ( I talk to myself quiet often …sometimes its the only intelligent conversation I get ) …you really should quilt it…so I shoved it in the machine and I started. I have to admit I am having fun quilting it …it looking not to bad but quilting around all those little blocks sure is time consuming….not to mention sinking all those threads !quilting 2 

I am not sure how I will quilt the border but I will worry about that when I get to it…back to my quilting ( that or laundry…I think I will quilt for a bit first !




  1. Simply beautiful Liz.. Got for it! machine quilt.
    I started blogging again

  2. Liz...Awesome! First of all, this quilt is just beautiful, you did a great job on it! Secondly, way to go in taking on the task of machine quilting it... hand quilting takes sooooooo long! Good for you, keep us posted on the progress! Hugs.

  3. I hand quilted a quilt for my little grandson and swore never again.
    I LOVE this quilt design and can't wait to see it finished. Well done for getting on with it.