Saturday, October 8, 2011

Finish Friday……..

I know I am late but if you read my Blog you know I am often late. I try really hard to post on time but stuff keeps getting in the way. ( Hubby had the day off yesterday and he keeps me away from the computer…grrr!)

I finally finished quilting my “Journey of a Quilter” quilt.      The picture isn’t the best…. it was about it start raining again so I ran outside and clicked off a few pictures. I wanted to have proof that I actually did it!


Here's a close up of the quilting on the border…simple but it works for me. Mostly I “Stitched-in-the ditch” and did some accent stitching …I am pleased with it.border 

Now I just have to make the binding. I can’t decide if I should bind it with a mossy green that I used in the quilt or use the red that I used in the sashing ( I’m afraid that may give it a picture frame effect ??) or go crazy and make the binding from all the colored fabrics  in the quilt…really scrappy or ??……. What do you think ??

Last week I gave you a sneak preview of a gift I had made for a dear friend. She has received it, so now I can post the picture.

I wanted to share a cup of tea with my friend Liz for her birthday and this was the only way I could do it…..( don’t you just love her name?)

a little Tea Pouchtea pouch

tea pouch filledLiz…I hope we had some lovely cakes with our tea!

Now I am off to make room on my sewing table and see what I should work on next?? What will it be??

Hope you have a nice weekend ??




  1. Liz your quilt is just beautiful. Either border you choose will work great and I hope you share the end result. What a lucky friend with a great name too ;-)
    That is a nice gift idea.

  2. Oh Liz love the quilt and the tea pouch your so talented

  3. You are such a good girl, Liz, finishing that quilt so fast. It's gorgeous!!! I'd go for the scrappy binding.
    The tea pouch turned out beautiful. Your friend with that pretty name must have been very excited to receive this wonderful gift. You've just inspired me to sew one for a friend who loves tea. I had saved the instruction years ago but haven't made such a pouch yet. I guess I know way more coffee drinkers than tea drinkers ...
    Have a great Sunday :-)!
    Hugs to you,

  4. Good Day Liz, Your finished quilt is absolutely gorgeous. What a great job you did in quilt it too. I think bringing some of the lovely colors from you quilt to the border would blend it all together. The tea pouch is great. I am sure you friend "Liz" will love it. Hugs Judy

  5. Good Morning Liz,
    your quilting looks great. I love this quilt! I would prefer the red sashing fabric for the binding.
    A nice idea having a tea party with your name sister Liz in this way! This little bag is beautiful.

  6. Liz, great job on the quilt. I bet you are so pleased with it and you finished too.. Love it.. Doesn't matter what binding you use altho I am like scrappy ones. Your lil tea bag is adorable...

  7. Your little tea bag is too cute - for a friend with a very nice name ;-))
    Congrats on your finished quilt! it looks wonderful. As for the binding - I like the idea of scrappy. Maybe that's just because I just recently did that on a quilt myself, but I have the idea it prevents one colour to become the dominant one. Of course, if you want the quilt as a whole to read "mossy green", a mossy green binding would be perfect!
    Take care,