Friday, October 14, 2011

Finish Friday…….

do you believe it…its Friday and I am actually writing this post …I’m not late this time !

This week wasn’t as productive as I would of liked (migraine & toothache slowed me down to a crawl) but I did get one old UFO finished and off my table…this little case has been waiting to be finished for some time….finally its done.

scissor case 

Since I had fun sewing the teacup pouch ( thanks for all the kind words & compliments) I decided to try and make a coffee cup pouch…after all, I am a coffee drinker and so are most of my friends….it needs a bit of tweaking but I’m getting there…..Coffee cup 

…it can be used as a eye glass case….or filled with sewing supplies.


That's about it for this week…I told you it wasn’t a very productive week….its amazing how a toothache can knock you out ( and my dentist is on vacation till Monday…Guess what I will be doing Monday morning…I will be sitting on his fronts steps waiting for him to open)

Tomorrow I will post about my second new “kool” discovery!

See ya then !




  1. love it Liz wish we were closer though :-(

  2. Liz, love your little scissor case and your coffee bag.. How cute are they? you are talented.. I think that is good for a weeks work.



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