Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kool Discovery….

When I write about “Kool Discoveries” it does not mean they are new …it just means I have finally discovered it for myself.

Most likely you will already know about the product or gadget but in case you don’t, I am here to tell you about it….isn’t that nice of me ?

The next thing I “finally” discovered was Press ’n Seal by Glad. This too, I have had in my sewing room for a while ( a friend gave it to me  and told me it was great for machine quilting …needless to say I haven’t done any machine quilting in a loooooong time so I never tried it out…till this week!

Press n seal This stuff is great!

I wanted to machine quilt the border on my quilt but I hate marking the quilt. I am always nervous that the pencil marks won’t come out and that you will see when I “slipped” off the line while quilting and I don’t always want to wash my quilt.

* always test a piece of fabric beforehand …I used cotton patchwork &  a 5B pencil and had no problem….I would NOT recommend using a pen or marker.

Here we go…….

You take the Press’n Seal ( I cut it in half since my border was only 4” wide)…you press it on the fabric ( it is sticky but not bad sticky, so it sticks nicely to the fabric and can be repositioned numerous times)

step 1

step 1 a ( I cut off the excess and used it for the other side)

Then I took my stencil and marked right on the Press ‘n Seal …use a pencil that you know will wash out…just in case!step 2

I marked the whole quilt border this way…you can erase on the Press’nSeal when you have to make adjustments.

step 3 

Now I quilted right through the Pres’nSeal and …right on top of the pencil marks. I used about a 3.0 – 3,5mm (9-8) stitch length.

step 4

When your done quilting…. comes the fun part…ripping off the Press ’n Seal ! Don’t panic…this is the best part….it comes off super easy!! I had no problem removing it ( its not like paper piecing where you spend hours removing the tiny bits of paper…that's why I don’t paper piece, but that's another story)

Da Da!!…doneQuilted 

I just love the stuff…I definitely will be using it again…actually I have a quilt that I was wondering how I was going to mark it…now I know.

I was also thinking this might be good for doing stitchery on dark fabrics…I haven’t tried it yet…its just an idea!?



P.S. I know most of you in Canada & USA have no problem getting this product but here in Germany the only place I found it is at Sues Quilt shop

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  1. Oh cool, I did not know about this stuff. It looks VERY interesting, I have to try it eventually. Thanks for testing it for us ;-))



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