Saturday, November 26, 2011

Finish Friday….

I am sure you all are expecting to see a new purse…I wish I could show you one, but this week I was busy decorating for Christmas ( in case you didn’t know …Christmas is only 29 days away!)

The only things I did manage to sew was this tiny pouch… pouch …and I managed to finish sewing the binding on the couch quilt….( I am still trying to teach my Hubby how to hold a quilt up nicely…he has a lot to learn!)Couch quilt done front 

Close up…..

Couch quilt done close up

The quilt on the couch….. it is cuddle & soft…perfect for afternoon naps!

Couch quilt done on couch 

I wanted to give the quilt a cool name …after a lot of thought and scratching my head …I finally decided to name it want it is …..”the Couch Quilt”…why get fancy when simple works!

Couch quilt done label




  1. I will try it soon and let you know if the names fits :-) ! looks great !

  2. Superb Liz! And oh, how it fits the season! Hugs.

  3. Great quilt, good name. What did you use as a backing? I need to make another BQ, do like the pattern.

  4. Your couch quilt looks just great !! And I totally agree with you - easy is fine when easy does it ;-))



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