Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finish Friday……

I know it is not Friday but  somewhere in the world it has to be Friday so I am going to pretend I am writing from there ( it sounds better then saying I am late again!…I could give you all kinds of excuses but we will skip that and get right to the post…aren't you glad !)

Guess what I made this week ??

I bet you can’t guess ???

Soon I am going to have to change my blog name to the “Bag Lady” !

Yup…I made another bag …surprise,  surprise!

Here is my Candice bag ( by Lazy Girl designs)

Candice Bag ft 

I love this bag ! It looks like nothing special…but it is a good all around purse.

The front has this cool pocket….great for dropping your keys into it, without having to rummage around your whole purse.

Candice Bag ft pocket

The inside has tons of pockets ( I love pockets)…your iPad or Tablet will fit nicely here ( I made sure) and more pockets for glasses, pens, etc.

Don’t you just love the red polka dots…I think I am hooked on Polka dots & checks!

Candice Bag inside

The top even has a zipper …nice and safe from things falling out.

Candice Bag top

Hope you like my Candice girl?

Since Christmas is around the corner…1st Advent is next week! I figured I had to make a Christmas flap for my Messanger bag.

Aren't these Santa's adorable!?

Christmas Flap

I love the trim I added…I do believe!


I was thinking of adding bells to the Santa hats but didn’t want opt “jingle” every time I walked ….so no bells.

Remember the problem I was having with the strap…that it bunched up on the rectangle ring…well I took Frauke’s advice and changed it to a D ring…she said a Ring but I didn’t have a round one so I used the D ring instead…it seems to be better. Thanks Frauke for the tip!

Now I am off to eat something …then guess what I will be sewing ?? I bet you will never guess!




  1. Combination of the marvelous colours you ordered in bag, Which is really awesome and spectacular also. These pattern is excellent. So simple and stylish.

  2. Glad to hear it works better with a "D"-Ring !! And your new bag is wonderful - will you start selling your bags?



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