Saturday, December 10, 2011

Did you guess….

what the preview pictures were??  I bet you figured it out …if not here are the finished items…..

This is Molly………….

Molly When  saw this rose fabric in the quilt shop I knew it would be perfect for this purse. Don’t you just love it ??

Here's the back….no ruffle.

molly back 

….and my first inside zipper…..the instructions were so well written that I had no problem sewing it.

Molly inside

This is a free pattern from RKay Designs.  Just sign up for her newsletter and its yours! The pattern is very well written ( better then a lot that I paid money for), it is easy to sew and I think it turns out adorable. I definitely will make this again with other fabrics. Thanks Reba !!

The second purse gave me nothing but trouble.  I couldn’t wait to make this purse, I even bought suede like fabric….I used Decovil as interfacing so that it would stand up  ( which it does ) but I can tell you turning a bag with Decovil was a nightmare…won’t do that again!

Here is Serenity II  ( should be called Nightmare II) …it is a pattern by Annie.

serenity 2 front

I was sooooo looking to experimenting with Texture Magic.  I did everything they said in the video…I stitched it , I shrunk it,  I cut it out, sewed it into the bag…I was very pleased with myself …then I gave it its finally pressing…and what happened the texture flap shrink even more !!!

IMG_2961The lining wasn’t nice and flat anymore ….even worse… made big gaps on the side of the flap…I don’t like this at all! I had thought the pattern was a bit small for the opening but when it shrunk even more, it was to much.

serenity 2 top  The worse part is that I don’t have anymore of this batik fabric to remake the flap…and I used it to line the pocket on the back….

serenity 2 back

I told you it gave me nothing but trouble… least the rings look cute on the straps…..


Somehow I will try and fix it ( not sure how ) ……

..…don’t you just hate it when things don’t turn out the way your visualized ??

On a positive note…my Kam snaps arrived today ! I can’t wait to play with them !





  1. Liz that 1st bag is absolutely devine and thankyou for the link i will head off over there now.
    What a shame with the 2nd one as it was shaping up lovely as well,i am sure you will fix it up so no-one would know.

  2. Hi Liz! I saw that some people clicked over to my site from your post so I came by to see what it was. I was so surprised to see your beautiful Molly! I'm so proud of you, it's gorgeous! And the fabric is fabulous. You did the pattern proud. Thanks for the link back to my site...would you mind if I add your photo to the page where the pattern is downloaded? I'm sure people will love to see the beautiful purse you made.


  3. Hi Liz,

    Your bags are lovely and thanks for sharing the link for your friends pattern.

    Happy Sunday

  4. Molly turned out fabulous, Liz! I'm sorry that you had such trouble with the other one. Could the batik fabric be possilby one of those we had shared years ago? Then I might have a piece that I could give you.
    Have a lovely Sunday, sweetie!

  5. Deine Rosentasche ist traumhaft schön
    LG Angelika



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