Friday, December 9, 2011

Finish Friday……

it seems like every week Friday comes quicker & quicker….it has to be due to the holiday stress….that or someone is stealing days out of my week.

Unfortunately I can't show you my finished pieces because I don't have good pictures :-(   ……my day was filled with physio -therapy, a bit of Christmas shopping and by the time I got home the sun was gone…BUT…I have a couple of sneak previews…and tomorrow I will posted the whole pictures…..can you guess what this will be ???


Or this ???

peek 2 

It was the first time I inserted one of these….. I was surprised how easy it was…that or I got lucky!


I’ll be back tomorrow with “real” pictures….



P.S: Nikolaus must of read my post; since the next day …I found this in my shoes…better late then never!shoes


  1. cant wait to see what they are,lol

  2. It is better late than never, how cute so glad St. Nick remembered. We have an Elf at our home that tells Santa evey night if we have been naughty or nice. In the morning we have to find him.. Check out my blog Liz. You will see Winston. I just can't believe its almost Christmas and a new year is starting