Saturday, December 24, 2011

Is Christmas here already ????…..

I can't believe it is already Christmas Eve! How the time flew by!

The good thing is that all the hussle & bussle is over…today is the beginning of 3 days of Christmas…..whatever I didn’t get done, bought, baked  or otherwise…. will just have to wait till next year…I am done! I am “fix & fertig”!!!

The cookies are baked ( some better then others)

cookies 4

cookies 1







cookies 2

cookies 3

The house is decorated….

house 1

house 2

House 3

Hosue 4 

the tree is up…..this is the smallest tree I have ever had…hopefully next year I am well enough to do a big one again…but there is something to be said for small… is cute!


the gifts are wrapped ….


Santa can come!


I wish you and your family…a very Merry Holiday!!

May all your wishes come true…and if they don’t the stores will be open again on Tuesday ( or online shopping is always open!)

Ho Ho Ho !!



P.S. Finish Fridays post was cancelled due to snow…I promise to do better next year!



  1. Merry Christmas Liz, your house looks beautiful and the snow brrrrrrr it looks cold.
    Hugs from Texas

  2. All the best to you too and many merry days for the future.

  3. Merry Christmas Liz and Ingo,
    have a good time, a few quiet days, don't eat too much ;-) and as I learned recently next year is going to be a good year : it is the chinese year of the Dragon !!!


  4. Your post today, inspired me to spend some time looking around at other, older posts. I had to laugh at your profile about the fabric. I did a post about my sewing room, showing some of my fabrics. I have way too much fabric, and like you, not enough time for everything I want to do! I'm so glad I found your blog....



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