Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012….here I come!

As you know I don’t make New Years Resolutions so this year won’t be any different …except this year I am making “hopeful” plans!


Your probably asking yourself what the difference is??….I will tell you …. this is a list of things I “hope” to get done and if I don’t …no quilting police are going to come after me…no guilty conscious…no disappointment !

But if I get some of the things finished ( started or continued) I will see it as a success… either way I win!

To help me keep motivated…I have joined Judy’s 2012 UFO Challenge …so here comes my Wish List ( sounds much better then UFO List!

1 - Finish Mushrooms…not the magic kind…the fabric kind!

2 - Sew Tilda Santas

3 - Stitch at least 2 blocks from “Living the Dream” quilt

4 - Baste Snowman quilt and plan quilting design

5 - Stitch at least 2 blocks from “Gardener's Journal” quilt

6 - Baste Santa Quilt and plan quilting designs

7 - Quilt at least 2 blocks on 12 Days of Christmas quilt

8 - Attach borders to Fall quilt and Baste

9 - Quilt a few blocks on Snowman quilt

10 – Quilt at least 2 more blocks on 12 Days of Christmas quilt

11 – Stitch at least 2 blocks from either Gardener's Journal or Living the dream quilt…

12 – work on whatever I feel like as long as it is on this list…a girl has to have a little fun!

Those are a few of the things I would like to get done as well as sew some more purse ( surprise) …after all I have some great patterns that are itching to the tried!

…and I have a Sewing room Project I would like to share with you…I still have to work out all the details…stay tuned!

WOW…I really have a lot planned for this year…I hope I don’t need a lot of sleep!




  1. Liz, you do have a long list there. I should look for my UFO's and make a list for myself. I know I really don't have many . I usually finish what I start. Last year I made all those quilts for my great neices and nephews. This year I am just going to do what I want.. HAHAHAHA
    Can hardly wait to see all your things you sew this year.. I love your work. You have me full of suspense what are you plans for your sewing room?

  2. Do you know I still haven't drawn up my resolutions list? I wish you all the best for yours..... even though you don't really have one.Merry Quilting!

  3. Dear Blogreaders of Liz's blog:
    There is no quilt-police but Katja police. I will check regulary on Liz progress (in person and while I'm there I will enjoy a cup with Liz) and will report about it ;-) I also provide Liz with 'tested' german written crockpot recipes that she gains a lot more time in her Studio.
    Looking forward on our quilting year 2012.
    Hugs Katja



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