Monday, January 2, 2012

More of you know what’s??

Before Christmas I was busy sewing, not just ignoring you. Two weeks before Christmas I got an order for 5 purses, so I was busy sewing, sewing, sewing!
My DFIL girlfriend saw my Messenger bag with the exchangeable flap and wanted some for gifts How could I say no ?
…here is the first one for her daughter. She wished Black & White and NO flowers ( that was tough for me since I love flowers) or girly…this is what I came up with.
…the inside…I believe in lots of pockets to be organized.
Brigitte inside 
I also had to make a second flap for it in browns & turquoise
Brigitte 2nd flap
Can you believe this is the same purse with two different fronts ?
Brigitte Brigitte 2nd flap

The second purse was for her Daughter in Law and it had to be Lila (Purple) …flowers & girly was OK ! (she's a Ballerina)
I free motion quilted the flap…heres a close up…I loved this fabric
Lisi 3
Here is her second flap
Lisi 2nd flap
here they are together… same purse, just flap changed.

Lisi 2nd flap

The 3rd bag was for her DIL in Australian…..neutral & beige. I wish I was flying to the outback with this purse…ahhhh, Australia has the best quilting Magazines, patterns & threads !
australian flap
The 4rd Messenger Bag was for the Lady herself and she picked these fabrics…..
No second flap yet…she has to pick the fabric first
The 5th bag was for her Granddaughter that just got a Lab puppy and needed a bag to go to doggie school with.
We picked this design out ( it was inspired by a pattern in a German Magazine - Patchwork Spezial Taschen 03/2010)
The front has a pocket….
Tamara front pocket
This is with the front flap open…more pockets for hate things a doggie mom needs…..
Tamara flap open
…and the inside with a detachable key ring… 
Tamara inside of bag
Those were the 5 bags that kept me busy over the holidays.
Now I just have to make 2 more….one for myself and one for my sister then I am going to try some other patterns that are sitting here tempting me.
Before I forget…my DFIL bought his girlfriend a Kindle for Christmas …so my gift to her was a cover…it even matched her purse !
Kindle Cover
Kindle Cover open
WOW this turned out to be a loooooooong post…hope you made it to the end!


  1. Liz, your bags are lovely.. You do great work... WOW each one looks so different.
    Susan( who is still taking down Christmas)

  2. Love the bags, great fabrics and colours/

  3. should open a shop !!!!

  4. let's just say I second what Lisa said ;-)) You are the queen of bags ! SELL them !!

  5. What a great way to start of the new year Liz... great job... Hugs.

  6. WOW, You've been busy, girl! Great job on all the bags and the kindle cover!!! I'm sure the recipients just loved their gifts.

    Big hugs,

  7. Each purse is prettier then the other.... I love them all.